Wicklund P. - Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions [2011, PDF, ENG]

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions
Год: 2011
Автор: Phillip Wicklund
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
ISBN: 978-0-7356-6210-0
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 473
Описание: Take your Microsoft SharePoint solutions to the cloud—and gain scalability and high availability while helping to lower your operational costs. Led by a SharePoint expert, you’ll learn hands-on how to customize and maintain SharePoint cloud solutions. You also get practical advice for migrating business solutions either to Microsoft SharePoint Online or to a private cloud, using your own data center. This is an ideal guide for IT professionals, architects, and decision makers.
Extend the reach of your SharePoint solutions—in the cloud
■Evaluate the ROI for using a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution
■Build public cloud solutions on either a shared or dedicated server
■Use Microsoft Office 365 for email, messaging, document authoring, and more
■Customize SharePoint Online using sandboxed solutions and SharePoint Designer
■Control identity management and authentication with Windows PowerShell®
■Deploy SharePoint in a private cloud with Hyper-V® and Microsoft System Center
■Improve private cloud automation, availability, and data isolation with multi-tenancy

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Introducing SharePoint in the Cloud
Chapter 1 : Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Online
What Is the Cloud?
Why Deploy to the Cloud?
SharePoint in the Cloud
SharePoint Online Features Overview
Configuring and Customizing SharePoint Online
User Management and Security in SharePoint Online
Migrating from On-Premises to SharePoint Online
Getting Around in SharePoint Online
Chapter 2 : Office 365 Feature Overview
Office 365 Overview
Four Products in One
Licensing and Purchasing Office 365
Administering Office 365
Chapter 3 : Planning for SharePoint Online
Planning SharePoint Online Core Capabilities
Planning Your Information Architecture
Planning User Management and Security
Planning Customizations
Planning User Training
Planning Ongoing Maintenance and Governance
Deploying SharePoint in the Public Cloud
Chapter 4 : Administering SharePoint Online
Managing Site Collections
Configuring InfoPath Forms Services
Configuring User Profiles
Configuring the Managed Metadata Term Store
Chapter 5 : Identity Management and Authentication
Identity Management Technologies and Techniques
Configuring Identity Federation and Synchronization
Managing Identities with Remote PowerShell
Chapter 6 : Migrating to SharePoint Online
Migration Scenarios
Migration Techniques
Supported Items and Migration Gotchas
Planning for Migration Downtime
Chapter 7 : Introduction to Customizing and Developing in SharePoint Online
Developing Against the Cloud vs. On-Premises
Customization Tools
Introduction to Sandboxed Solutions
Building and Deploying a Sandboxed Web Part
Deploying Full-Trust Code in SharePoint Online Dedicated
Introduction to the Client Object Model
SharePoint Online Integration with Azure
Deploying SharePoint in the Private Cloud
Chapter 8 : Introduction to Creating a Private Cloud
Private Cloud Benefits
How Do You Build a Private Cloud?
Preparing for Virtualization with Hyper-V
Automating SharePoint in a Private Cloud Using Opalis
Chapter 9 : Introducing Multitenancy in SharePoint 2010
Why Multitenancy for On-Premises IT?
Options for Tenant Sites in SharePoint
Multitenancy Architecture
Service Application Partitioning
Site Subscriptions
Tenant Administration
Host Header Site Collections
Feature Packs
Ten Easy Steps to Tenant-Aware SharePoint
Chapter 10 : Configuring Tenant-Aware Service Applications
Introduction to Service Applications
Step 1: Configuring the Site Subscription Service
Step 2: Creating Tenant-Aware Service Applications
Chapter 11 : Configuring Tenant-Aware Site Collections
Step 3: Creating Feature Packs
Step 4: Creating a New Site Subscription
Step 5: Assigning a Feature Pack to a Tenant
Step 6: Filtering the People Picker to an Active Directory Organizational Unit
Step 7: Configuring Tenant-Aware Managed Paths
Step 8: Creating Tenant Site Collections
Step 9: Associating the Tenant to the User Profile Service Application
Step 10: Configuring a Content Type Hub
Appendix : Server, Online SharePoint, and Online Dedicated Compared
SharePoint Online Capacities
Services and Service Applications in SharePoint Online
Customizations in SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online Features and Capabilities
Appendix : About the Author
About the Technical Editor
About the Contributing Authors
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