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(Classic Rock) The Beatles - The Ultimate BBC Sessions 1962-1966 (10CD) - 2013 [MP3, tracks, 320 kbps] ::

(Classic Rock) The Beatles - The Ultimate BBC Sessions 1962-1966 (10CD) - 2013 [MP3, tracks, 320 kbps]

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-The Beatles - The Ultimate BBC Sessions 1962-1966 (10CD)-- Год издания:
Страна: UK
Жанр: Classic Rock
Продолжительность: 11:13:31-Лейбл издания: Secret Trax
Тип альбома: Bootleg
Страна-выпуска диска: Japan
Номер по каталогу: ST 200031-01-10-Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Тип рипа: tracks
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да


Disc 01 | 01:03:41

04.Dream Baby(01:48)
06.Please Mister Postman(02:12)
08.Ask Me Why(02:19)
10.Besame Mucho(02:31)
12.A Picture Of You(02:24)
13.A Taste Of Honey(00:53)
14.Some Other Guy(02:02)
15.They're all over the country(00:19)
16.Love Me Do(01:30)
17.Keep Your Hands Off My Baby(02:30)
18.Beautiful Dreamer(01:58)
22.Do You Want To Know A Secret(01:53)
24.Please, Please Me(01:53)
26.I Saw Her Standing There(02:36)
27.You write songs as well don't you(00:46)
29.Too Much Monkey Business(01:51)
30.I'm Talkin' About You(01:52)
31.Nobobdy can live on the same stage(00:52)
32.Please, Please Me(01:54)
33.The Hippy Hippy Shake(01:46)
34.Gerry Marsden intro(00:41)
35.From Me To You(02:00)
36.Twist And Shout(02:12)
37.From Me To You(02:22)
38.Side By Side(00:52)
39.Long Tall Sally(01:48)
40.On a flaming pie(00:22)
41.A Taste Of Honey(02:06)
43.Who had the original idea(00:23)
44.Thank You Girl(02:01)
45.That's the track that's selling it(00:12)
47.Side By Side (edit)(00:51)

Disc 02 | 01:10:46

02.I Saw Her Standing There(02:55)
03.As everything else combined(00:24)
04.Do You Want To Know A Secret(01:49)
06.Their fame has spread to Egypt(00:18)
07.Long Tall Sally(01:47)
08.Requests for their big one(00:13)
09.From Me To You(01:52)
11.Please, Please Me(02:00)
12.I Saw Her Standing There(03:04)
13.Pop Goes The Beatles (short version)(00:20)
14.One they didn't pen themselves(00:05)
15.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(02:03)
16.Just get your guitar and strum It(00:19)
17.Do You Want To Know A Secret(01:47)
18.We got the box Harry(00:23)
19.You Really Got A Hold On Me(02:54)
21.The Hippy Hippy Shake(01:42)
22.Pop Goes The Beatles (long version)(01:14)
23.Too Much Monkey Business(01:48)
24.Love these Goon Shows(00:30)
25.I Got To Find My Baby(01:58)
26.Happy Birthday to you Ringo(00:23)
28.Now Paul has a go(00:12)
29.Till There Was You(02:12)
30.Sha La La La(00:28)
31.Baby It's You(02:44)
32.Dark days of 1962(00:10)
33.Love Me Do(02:30)
34.All's right with the world(00:23)
35.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues(02:05)
36.Better cut down the Jelly Babies(00:46)
38.Happy Birthday To Paul(00:44)
39.A Taste Of Honey(01:55)
40.Fingering practice pays dividends(00:11)
41.Sure To Fall(02:09)
42.More for the joy of living(00:11)
44.But we promised(00:10)
45.From Me To You(01:52)
46.Some Other Guy(02:02)
47.Twenty One last week(00:31)
48.A Taste Of Honey(02:00)
49.Thank You Girl(02:09)
50.We don't normally play requests(00:28)
51.From Me To You(01:58)

Disc 03 | 01:11:39

01.Side By Side(00:53)
02.Up to some no good monkey business(00:05)
03.Too Much Monkey Business(02:04)
04.His one and only song(00:17)
06.Noticably absent(00:32)
07.I'll Be On My Way(01:59)
08.George playing(00:05)
09.From Me To You(02:01)
10.I Saw Her Standing There(02:50)
11.You feel like a man now(00:24)
12.John lets his guitar take second place(00:06)
13.Anna (Go To Him)(03:00)
14.I'm very glad you sang that(00:30)
15.Oh, very fit(00:37)
17.He can sing, can Ringo(00:28)
19.Thank you Georgous George(00:05)
20.Who sings this next song(00:15)
21.P.S. I Love You(02:00)
22.No relation to John(00:41)
23.Twist And Shout(02:30)
24.I Got To Find My Baby(01:55)
25.It's also for Harry and his box(00:37)
28.Till There Was You(02:14)
29.A couple of quick ones(00:28)
30.From Me To You(01:51)
31.Roll Over Beethoven(02:30)
32.A Taste Of Honey(01:57)
33.Twist And Shout(02:32)
34.That's All Right Mama(02:54)
35.That's all right with me(00:05)
36.There's A Place(01:50)
37.Couldn't find one for a Carol(00:12)
39.I haven't got a passport(00:32)
40.Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)(02:00)
41.That was John Lennon who get fell in(00:05)
42.With these haircuts(00:10)
43.Lend Me Your Comb(01:47)
44.A little rhyme(00:33)
46.So see you then(00:06)
47.I Saw Her Standing There(02:37)
48.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues(02:11)
49.There's A Place(01:51)
50.Twist And Shout(02:32)

Disc 04 | 01:01:11

01.That's your fault(00:09)
02.Sweet Little Sixteen(02:20)
03.A Taste Of Honey(01:57)
04.Wanna bet(00:05)
05.Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Tree)(02:58)
06.Love Me Do(02:28)
08.Lonesome Tears In My Eyes(02:35)
09.And the same to you(00:09)
10.So How Come (No One Loves Me)(01:53)
11.Next week the prize will stand at The Beatles(00:16)
13.Do you like the Flowerpot Men(00:39)
14.Do You Want To Know A Secret(01:46)
15.Dear Wack(00:43)
16.Till There Was You(02:16)
17.Set fire to that lot(00:28)
19.Something you can't get(00:27)
20.Please Mister Postman(02:15)
21.Those old, seasoned campaigners(00:07)
22.The Hippy Hippy Shake(01:55)
24.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)(02:03)
25.Please make George sing(00:28)
26.Crying, Waiting, Hoping(02:10)
27.Kansas City - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(02:40)
28.A very romantic title(00:05)
29.To Know Her Is To Love Her(02:50)
30.I've got a terrible nose(00:31)
31.The Honeymoon Song(01:40)
32.Twist And Shout(02:28)
35.Long Tall Sally(01:55)
36.Pally Sally(00:25)
37.Please, Please Me(01:56)
38.What kind of fool am I(00:41)
39.She Loves You(02:21)
40.21 Herberts from Raynee Park(00:24)
41.You Really Got A Hold On Me(02:59)
42.I'll Get You(02:13)
43.I Got A Woman(02:49)
44.A crafty long quickie(00:20)

Disc 05 | 01:10:55

01.She Loves You(02:21)
02.You'd never hear the songs(00:26)
03.Words Of Love(01:54)
04.Beautifully sung(00:05)
05.They can all take five now(00:06)
06.Glad All Over(01:52)
07.The three Beatlettes(00:19)
08.I Just Don't Understand(02:47)
09.Well, you ought to(00:09)
10.This is ear catching(00:21)
11.Devil In Her Heart(02:23)
12.Postcards to The Beatles(00:18)
13.Slow Down(02:38)
14.And dead stop, I'm affaid(00:08)
15.Long Tall Sally(01:49)
16.She Loves You(02:12)
17.Glad All Over(01:47)
18.What box(00:52)
19.Twist And Shout(02:27)
20.Dear Wack(00:43)
21.You Really Got A Hold On Me(02:40)
22.I'll Get You(02:03)
23.Ooh! My Soul(01:37)
24.Ooh! my arms(00:36)
25.Don't Ever Change(02:05)
26.A modest request(00:06)
27.Twist And Shout(02:29)
28.Anna (Go To Him)(02:51)
29.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues(02:23)
31.From Me To You(01:51)
32.I'll Get You(02:01)
34.Well sir, here you are(00:16)
35.There's A Place(01:52)
36.Honey Don't(02:12)
37.That was The Beatles that was(00:05)
38.All right fellas, roll over(00:39)
39.Roll Over Beethoven(02:23)
41.Too Much Monkey Business(02:06)
42.Request for Till There Was You(00:26)
43.Love Me Do(02:26)
44.He looks a right prat(00:33)
45.She Loves You(02:14)
46.And why not(00:05)
47.I'll Get You(02:03)
48.Sounds like my doctor(00:23)
49.A Taste Of Honey(01:57)
50.Can't remember him(00:23)
51.The Hippy Hippy Shake(01:45)

Disc 06 | 01:02:12

03.To all our chainspotter friends(00:05)
04.Nobody ever thanks you(00:27)
05.You Really Got A Hold On Me(02:51)
07.I hope I can put a stop to some of that(00:05)
08.Dear hot and fruity George(00:57)
10.Love and kisses(00:28)
11.From Me To You(01:50)
13.Ringo's big moment(00:54)
17.She Loves You(02:11)
18.The boys feel a little sad(00:11)
19.Ask Me Why(01:52)
20.Exciting and smashing(00:30)
21.Devil In Her Heart(02:21)
22.They never read out the requests(00:40)
23.I Saw Her Standing There(02:37)
24.Good old Audrey(00:16)
25.Sure To Fall(02:19)
26.For John, Paul, George and Ringo(00:33)
27.Twist And Shout(02:32)
28.That really is it(00:18)
29.Saturday Club theme and intro(00:50)
30.I Saw Her Standing There(02:35)
32.Happy Birthday Saturday Club(00:35)
33.Listening to Saturday Club(00:29)
34.I'll Get You(02:04)
35.If you asked for it(00:08)
36.She Loves You(02:14)
40.I Saw Her Standing There(02:33)
41.It's almost a year(00:15)
42.Love Me Do(02:31)
43.Please, Please Me(02:02)
44.We just called Paul over(00:31)
45.From Me To You(01:50)
46.The Ken Dodd Show(02:31)
47.She Loves You(02:39)

Disc 07 | 01:00:08

01.All I Want For Christmas Is A Bottle(00:41)
02.All My Loving(00:14)
03.What will they do without amplifiers(01:01)
04.This Boy(02:18)
05.I like it(00:05)
06.I Want To Hold Your Hand(02:21)
07.Till There Was You(02:16)
08.I Think(00:05)
09.Roll Over Beethoven(02:15)
10.That's not a Carol - 'S a standard(01:21)
11.She Loves You(02:14)
13.That mudley, er medley(00:14)
14.From Us To You(00:55)
15.The Beatles are here(00:30)
16.She Loves You(02:20)
17.You know you should be glad(00:07)
18.All My Loving(02:05)
19.Roll Over Beethoven(02:16)
20.Peggy Legg(00:10)
21.Till There Was You(02:12)
22.Bass playing Beatle(00:05)
23.Blue Skies (Jeanie Lamb)(00:09)
24.Big chance coming up now(00:08)
27.The very mercenary John Lennon(00:05)
28.I Saw Her Standing There(02:39)
30.Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport(03:10)
31.I Want To Hold Your Hand(02:24)
33.From Us To You(00:49)
34.All My Loving(01:58)
36.That's what they've got a plenty(00:05)
37.One that most people know by now(00:19)
38.The Hippy Hippy Shake(01:49)
39.Amazing that you can hear us(01:45)
40.I Want To Hold Your Hand(02:19)
41.Roll Over Beethoven(02:18)
42.He's my favourite(00:30)
43.Johnny B. Goode(02:51)
44.Still one more to go(00:05)
45.I hope it's a real swinger(01:01)
46.I Wanna Be Your Man(02:10)
47.And it was old Ringo(00:08)

Disc 08 | 01:08:46

01.From Us To You(00:59)
02.To open proceedings(00:06)
03.You Can't Do That(02:32)
04.Just a rumour(00:21)
05.Roll Over Beethoven(02:16)
06.I don't need to tell you(00:08)
07.What about my book then(00:39)
08.Till There Was You(02:13)
09.Another oldie(00:06)
10.Ringo, yup(00:14)
11.I Wanna Be Your Man(02:09)
12.I think Ringo meant every word of that(00:07)
13.But we know you won't(00:56)
14.Please Mister Postman(02:23)
15.The fellas keep him busy pretty regularly(00:08)
16.All My Loving(02:06)
17.I think that loving's readily accepted(00:06)
18.It's about rubbish - with drawings(01:04)
19.This Boy(02:13)
20.How much singing do you do(00:22)
21.Can't Buy Me Love(02:07)
22.We can't purchase any more time(00:29)
23.From Us To You(01:03)
24.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(02:25)
25.I think he sings quite nicely(00:10)
26.I Call Your Name(02:07)
27.Lots more from The Beatle boys(00:05)
28.I Got A Woman(02:36)
29.Was that request really from your mother(02:05)
30.You Can't Do That(02:36)
31.It's Ringo's turn(00:15)
32.Can't Buy Me Love(02:06)
33.Just about everybody has read about the film(02:05)
34.Sure To Fall(02:14)
35.Long Tall Sally(02:01)
36.How about that(00:07)
37.From Us To You(00:55)
38.Whit Monday To You(00:48)
39.I Saw Her Standing There(02:36)
40.Kansas City - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(02:14)
41.It could if you weren't so thick(00:26)
42.I Forgot To Remember To Forget(02:07)
44.I hope you're plugged in Mary(01:17)
45.You Can't Do That(02:33)
46.They did it all right(00:07)
47.Sure To Fall(02:12)
48.Funny place Glos(00:45)
49.Can't Buy Me Love(02:07)
50.I think I'll have to hit your Ringo(00:15)
52.Honey Don't(02:21)
54.From Us To You(00:16)
55.From Us To You (edited)(00:28)

Disc 09 | 01:11:20

01.Trailer 1(02:15)
02.Trailer 2(00:27)
03.Long Tall Sally(01:58)
04.Paul doing his highly hirsute hairpiece(00:09)
05.Things We Said Today(02:21)
06.Lots more from the unruly four(00:05)
07.Gather 'round famous Beatles(01:17)
08.A Hard Day's Night(02:32)
09.Hold it(00:12)
10.Don't Pass Me By(01:51)
11.And I Love Her(02:21)
12.You should have known better(00:39)
13.If I Fell(02:09)
14.You Can't Do That(02:31)
15.And that's it' Outro(00:11)
16.Top Gear Theme(00:23)
17.From Us To You(00:56)
18.What should I tell about(00:30)
19.Long Tall Sally(02:00)
20.Off the musical launching pad we went(00:05)
21.If I Fell(02:11)
22.Mmmm, great(00:05)
23.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You(01:53)
24.One of those Hard Day's Night offerings(00:06)
25.They might sound like the record someday(00:24)
26.Things We Said Today(02:32)
27.It's John's turn right now(00:06)
28.I Should Have Known Better(02:35)
29.Our four morning stars(00:05)
30.Bowled over boys(00:15)
32.In answer to all the cards(00:05)
33.Kansas City -Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(02:35)
34.No passports required(00:05)
35.Ron aged two hundred and eight(00:49)
36.A Hard Day's Night(02:26)
37.What a great note to end on(00:06)
38.From Us To You(00:59)
39.Long Tall Sally(02:10)
40.If I Fell(02:20)
42.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (instrumental)(02:08)
43.I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (vocal)(02:03)
44.I Should Have Known Better (false start)(00:17)
45.I Should Have Known Better (single tracked)(02:49)
46.I Should Have Known Better (with harmonica)(02:48)
47.Things We Said Today(02:48)
48.A Hard Day's Night(02:42)
49.Kansas City - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(02:43)
50.From Us To You (wrong lyrics)(01:02)
51.From Us To You (no overdubs)(01:04)
52.Hold it (1)(00:08)
53.Hold it (2)(00:15)

Disc 10 | 01:12:59

01.So hold tight(00:06)
02.I'm A Loser(02:37)
03.Let's have a few hard facts(03:09)
04.Honey Don't(02:54)
05.A rare Ringo vocal(00:05)
06.She's A Woman(03:14)
07.Even though it is conceited(00:35)
08.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(02:21)
09.Brother George Beatle(00:05)
10.I'll Follow The Sun(01:49)
11.Records, that's what we're here for(02:47)
12.I Feel Fine(02:14)
13.I hope you feel fine too(00:10)
14.They're here(00:06)
15.Rock And Roll Music(02:02)
16.Like Britain only with buttons(01:41)
17.I'm A Loser(02:37)
19.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(02:21)
20.A sort of joint effort(00:42)
21.I Feel Fine(02:14)
22.We like the old numbers(00:19)
23.Kansas City - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey(02:42)
24.So to the last number(00:06)
25.She's A Woman(03:11)
26.My favourite side too(00:09)
27.Ticket To Ride intro(00:57)
28.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby(02:22)
29.I'm A Loser(02:31)
30.Double entendre(01:45)
31.The Night Before(02:28)
32.Honey Don't(02:52)
33.The producer asked for it(00:25)
34.Dizzy Miss Lizzy(02:43)
35.Outro - Intro(00:06)
36.She's A Woman(02:49)
37.Who leave you as they found you(00:07)
38.Ticket To Ride(03:02)
39.The one what who never speaks(00:41)
40.Paul's thinking, I'm doing(01:58)
41.Ticket To Ride (edit)(00:10)
42.Painting Buckingham Palace(00:11)
43.Session talk - I Feel Fine (false start)(00:49)
44.I Feel Fine (single Track vocal)(01:06)
45.Session talk(00:41)
46.Honey Don't (edit)(02:23)
47.Ticket To Ride (unfettered)(02:57)

Дополнительная информация:

Битлз - величайшая группа XX столетия!!! В бокс-сете представлены выступления группы The Beatles во время различных радиопрограмм, передаваемых британской радиостанцией BBC с 1962 по 1966 годы. Коллекция, представленная в бокс-сете, содержит несколько погребённых и вновь открытых сокровищ, а в качестве капсулы времени, коллекция целиком поистине бесценна... Четыре молодых человека из Ливерпуля в начале шестидесятых потрясли мир. Джон, Пол, Джордж, Ринго - эти имена стали тогда культовыми для огромного количества людей. Для многих они остаются таковыми и сейчас.
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