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Microsoft Office for iPad Step by Step
Год издания: 2014
Автор: Joan Lambert
Издательство: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 978-0-7356-9700-3, 978-0-7356-9695-2
Серия: Step by Step
Язык: Английский
Формат: ePub
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 447
Описание: The quick way to learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for iPad!
This is learning made easy. Get productive fast with every Office for iPad app--plus OneNote, too! Jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and colorful screen shots show you exactly what to do, step by step.

Примеры страниц


Introduction xi
Who this book is for xi
The Step by Step approach xi
Download the practice files xii
Sidebar: Adapt exercise steps xiv
Ebook edition xvi
Get support and give feedback xvi
Part 1: Get started with Microsoft Office for iPad
Chapter 1: Office for iPad basics 3
Install Office for iPad apps 4
Hardware requirements 4
Sidebar: iTunes support for the iPad 5
Installation options 7
Microsoft account options 10
Office 365 subscription options 11
Configure iPad and Office app settings 15
Update Office apps 18
Remove and reinstall Office apps 22
Skills review 23
Practice tasks 24
Chapter 2: Get connected 27
Start and activate apps 28
Connect to an account 28
Sidebar: Organize apps in folders 30
Manage account connections 31
Sidebar: Alternative file access methods 34
Connect to additional storage locations 35
Sidebar: Use OneDrive to work anywhere 36
Connect to your OneDrive 38
Sidebar: Synchronize OneDrive with desktop computers 40
Get help with Office apps 41
Exit files and apps 43
Skills review 44
Sidebar: Switch among running apps 45
Practice tasks 46
Chapter 3: Create and manage files 49
Create, open, and save files 50
Create files 50
Open files 52
Sidebar: Switch among files 54
Sidebar: Font substitution 56
Save files 58
Sidebar: View and edit files online 59
Use common Office interface features 59
Identify standard features 60
Sidebar: Change the magnification level of file content 61
Work with the ribbon 62
Manage files 64
Sidebar: Hide and show the on-screen keyboard 67
Sidebar: Reconfigure the on-screen keyboard 68
Search file content 69
Print file content 72
Distribute files 74
Skills review 77
Practice tasks 78
Part 2: Microsoft Word for iPad
Chapter 4: Create professional documents 83
Sidebar: The Word feature set 84
Create documents from templates 88
Enter text in documents 93
Sidebar: Magnify the cursor position 98
Sidebar: Check spelling 99
Move, copy, and delete text 100
Sidebar: The Clipboard 100
Sidebar: Paste options 102
Align, space, and indent paragraphs 104
Configure alignment 105
Configure vertical spacing 106
Configure indents 107
Structure content manually 110
Change the appearance of text 111
Skills review 116
Practice tasks 117
Chapter 5: Add visual elements to documents 121
Present content in lists 122
Create bulleted lists 122
Create numbered lists 125
Create multilevel lists 127
Present content in tables 129
Insert and format pictures 136
Insert and modify pictures 136
Sidebar: About Photo Streams 138
Apply styles and effects to pictures 142
Replace and reset pictures 145
Insert and format shapes 146
Arrange images and text 151
Skills review 153
Practice tasks 154
Chapter 6: Enhance document content 159
Configure text in columns 160
Sidebar: Display column-related marks and tools 161
Draw and format text boxes 164
Reference additional information 168
Configure page layout 170
Specify the dimensions of the content area 170
Add page headers and footers 172
Manage page and section breaks 176
Collaborate on document content 178
Track and review changes 178
Sidebar: Simultaneous coauthoring 179
Insert and manage comments 183
Skills review 185
Practice tasks 186
Part 3: Microsoft Excel for iPad
Chapter 7: Store and retrieve data 191
Sidebar: The Excel feature set 192
Create workbooks 194
Create and manage worksheets 196
Add, rename, and remove worksheets 196
Move and hide worksheets 198
Show and hide worksheet elements 199
Enter and edit data on worksheets 200
Sidebar: Select cells, columns, and rows 201
Sidebar: Display and hide the shortcut bar 203
Modify columns and rows 206
Resize columns and rows 206
Insert and delete columns and rows 207
Hide and unhide columns and rows 210
Modify cells and cell content 210
Insert and delete cells 211
Modify cell structure 212
Format cell appearance 213
Manage the display of data 217
Freeze panes 217
Sort and filter data 219
Skills review 221
Practice tasks 222
Chapter 8: Process and present numeric data 227
Create and manage Excel tables 228
Perform data-processing operations 236
Create simple formulas 236
Sidebar: Efficiently reference cells in formulas 240
Insert formula constructs 244
Sidebar: Quickly display statistics 246
Build complex formulas 246
Sidebar: Refresh calculations manually 249
Display data in charts 249
Create charts 251
Modify chart structure 254
Format charts 258
Display data from PivotTables 260
Collaborate on workbook content 266
Skills review 268
Practice tasks 269
Part 4: Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad
Chapter 9: Create compelling presentations 275
Sidebar: The PowerPoint feature set 276
Create presentations 280
Create and manage slides 285
Add text to slides 290
Manage text containers 290
Insert and manage text 292
Present information in tables 296
Sidebar: Review comments 298
Add visual elements to slides 299
Insert pictures 299
Insert shapes 301
Animate slide elements 304
Skills review 310
Practice tasks 311
Chapter 10: Prepare and deliver slide shows 315
Add notes to slides 316
Animate slide transitions 319
Incorporate external media content 323
Sidebar: Format embedded video images 324
Manage and present slide shows 330
Skills review 333
Practice tasks 334
Part 5: Microsoft OneNote for iPad
Chapter 11: Store information in digital notebooks 339
Sidebar: The OneNote feature set 340
Create, open, and close notebooks 342
Create notebooks 342
Sidebar: OneNote gets you started 343
Open and switch among notebooks 343
Close and reopen notebooks 346
Configure notebook storage structure 347
Add information to notebooks 349
Enter and format text 349
Work with notebook containers 351
Organize notes in tables 352
Insert images 353
Insert files from cloud storage locations 357
Sidebar: Send, print, and link content to notes 359
Manage pages and sections 360
Skills review 365
Practice tasks 366
Chapter 12: Locate and share notebook content 369
Display notes in different ways 370
Switch notebook views 370
Fit content to the page 372
Sidebar: Zoom by touch 373
Find information in notebooks 373
Tag information for reference and retrieval 374
Search for text 376
Protect and share information 378
Protect notebook sections 378
Share notebook content 381
Synchronize notebook content 382
Skills review 383
Practice tasks 384
Appendix 387
Glossary 393
Index 405
About the author 429
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