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Microsoft Visio 2010
Год: 2011
Автор: Scott A. Helmers
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
ISBN: 978-0-735-64887-6
Серия: Step by Step
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 467
Описание: Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to create professional-looking business and technical diagrams with Visio 2010. With Step by Step, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!
Your Step by Step digital content includes:
Build a variety of charts and diagrams with Visio templates
Draw organization charts, floor plans, flowcharts, and more
Apply color, text, and themes to your Visio diagrams
Use Visio shapes to link to, store, and visualize data
Collaborate on diagrams with Microsoft SharePoint® 2010
Create custom diagrams with your own shapes and templates

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Chapter 1 : A Visual Orientation to a Visual Product
Getting Started with Visio 2010
Exploring the Backstage View
Using the Visio Ribbon
Resizing the Ribbon
Minimizing the Ribbon
Understanding Contextual Tabs
Understanding Add-in Tabs
Understanding Shapes, Masters, Stencils, and Templates
Exploring the Drawing Window
Managing the Shapes Window
Panning and Zooming in Visio
Resizing and Repositioning Shapes
Key Points
Chapter 2 : Creating a New Diagram
Using Basic Shapes and the Dynamic Grid
Selecting Shapes
Copying and Pasting Shapes
Connecting Shapes with Lines
Connecting Shapes with Dynamic Connectors
Identifying 1-D Shapes and Types of Glue
Positioning Shapes with Rulers and Guides
Using AutoConnect and Quick Shapes
Using AutoAdd and AutoDelete
Starting a New Diagram from a Sample Diagram
Key Points
Chapter 3 : Adding Sophistication to Your Drawings
Adding Text to Shapes
Creating and Formatting Text Boxes
Orienting Shapes on the Page
Orienting Shape Text
Positioning Shape Text
Adding ScreenTips and Comments
Using Shape Data
Inserting Fields: The Basics
Grouping Shapes
Inserting Pictures
Understanding Layers
Managing Pages and Page Setup
Working with Background Pages and Borders
Key Points
Chapter 4 : Drawing the Real World: Flowcharts and Organization Charts
Selecting a Flowchart Type
Creating Flowcharts
Adding Labels to Flowcharts
Understanding Swimlane Diagrams
Creating Swimlane Diagrams
Understanding Organization Charts
Building an Organization Chart by Hand
Using the Organization Chart Wizard with Existing Data
Using the Organization Chart Wizard with New Data
Enhancing Org Charts with Pictures
Key Points
Chapter 5 : Adding Style, Color, and Themes
Aligning and Spacing Shapes
Using the Auto Align & Space Feature
Applying Color and Fill Patterns
Applying Line Styles and Colors
Using the Format Painter
Turning Off the Grid
Applying Themes to Your Diagrams: Part 1
Applying Themes to Your Diagrams: Part 2
Customizing Themes
Setting Theme Options
Key Points
Chapter 6 : Entering, Linking to, and Reporting on Data
Understanding Shape Data
Viewing Shape Data
Editing Shape Data
Viewing Shape Data Attributes
Changing Shape Data Attributes
Creating New Shape Data Fields
Linking Diagrams to External Data
Refreshing All Data in Linked Diagrams
Refreshing Selected Data in Linked Diagrams
Scheduling Data Refresh
Linking Data to Shapes Automatically
Running a Predefined Report
Creating a New Report
Modifying an Existing Report
Key Points
Chapter 7 : Adding and Using Hyperlinks
Enhancing Diagrams by Adding Hyperlinks
Using Hyperlinks
Linking to a Website
Linking to a Document
Linking to a Specific Location in a Document
Linking to Another Visio Page
Understanding Relative and Absolute Hyperlinks
Setting the Hyperlink Base
Editing Existing Hyperlinks
Adding Multiple Hyperlinks
Key Points
Chapter 8 : Sharing and Publishing Diagrams: Part 1
Previewing and Printing Visio Diagrams
Removing Personal Information
Creating Graphics
Saving in Other File Formats
Creating Visio Templates
Sharing Diagrams by Using the Visio Viewer
Publishing Visio Diagrams to the Web
Key Points
Chapter 9 : Drawing the Real World: Network and Data Center Diagrams
Building Basic Network Diagrams
Building Detailed Network Diagrams
Organizing Network Shapes in a Diagram
Creating Rack Diagrams
Adding Equipment to Rack Diagrams
Changing the Drawing Scale
Running Computer and Network Reports
Searching and Replacing Text
Mapping Active Directory and LDAP
Key Points
Chapter 10 : Visualizing Your Data
Enhancing Diagrams with Data-Driven Graphics
Using Existing Data Graphics
Editing Data Graphics
Creating New Data Graphics
Creating Data Graphic Legends
Key Points
Chapter 11 : Adding Structure to Your Diagrams
Comparing Containers and Groups
Working with Containers and Their Contents
Formatting Containers
Sizing Containers
Adding Shapes to Lists
Formatting and Sizing Lists
Finding Containers and Lists in Visio
Annotating Shapes with Callouts
Key Points
Chapter 12 : Creating and Validating Process Diagrams
Understanding Visio Rules
Validating Flowcharts
Understanding BPMN
Creating and Validating BPMN Diagrams
Creating Subprocesses
Creating and Exporting SharePoint Workflow Diagrams
Reusing Existing Validation Rules
Creating New Validation Rules
Key Points
Chapter 13 : Sharing and Publishing Diagrams: Part 2
Customizing Diagrams Saved as Websites
Saving Visio-Created Websites on a SharePoint Server
Understanding Visio Services
Publishing Visio Drawings to SharePoint 2010 Visio Services
Key Points
Appendix : Looking Under the Hood
Customizing the Visio User Interface
Running in Developer Mode
Viewing and Modifying the ShapeSheet
Inserting Fields: Advanced Topics
Recording and Running Macros
Programming Visio by Using Visual Basic for Applications
Creating Containers and Lists
Appendix : About the Author
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