State of Decay + 2DLC (Lifeline and Breakdown) [L] [ / Update 25(15)] [RUS/Multi6] (2013)

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-State of Decay-Repack (русская версия)
- Год выпуска: 2013 Жанр: Action / 3D / 3rd Person Разработчик: Undead Labs Издательство: Microsoft Тип издания: Лицензия Язык интерфейса: Язык озвучки: Английский Таблэтка: Присутствует (3DM и SKIDROW)- -Операционная система: - XP SP3 ,Windows® XP,Vista,7,8
Процессор: - Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz (E6600) / Athlon X64 3400
Оперативная память: - 2 GB RAM
Видеокарта: - Radeon HD 2600 XT / GeForce 9600 GSO / Intel HD 3000
Звуковое устройство: - Совместимое с DirectX
Место на жестком диске: - 3 GB available space
- - -Апокалипсис грядет. Мир уже не будет таким, как прежде: на землю пришла мать всех зомби. Остались только вы и горстка храбрецов. Это экшен от третьего лица, события которого разворачиваются в открытом игровом мире с динамично меняющимся окружением. Чтобы выжить, вам надо сплотиться и начать строить новую жизнь. Разбейте лагерь и сделайте из него неприступную крепость. Добывайте пищу и оружие, совершая дерзкие набеги, спасайте других выживших и пользуйтесь преимуществами их уникальных талантов.

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Страница в Магазине Steam:
Версия игры: . Контент загружен 8 июня 2014г и полностью идентична лицензионной версии игры распространяемой в Steam.
Игровой контент упакован в простой инсталлятор.


Обычная установка:
1. Установить, запустив setup.exe
2. Содержимое папки NoDVD скопировать в папку с установленной игрой
3. Играть

Список изменений на 08.06.2014

Allow refugees to recycle in lifeline after a full cycle of refugees - once you've met everyone and either rescued them or...otherwise, the game will start from the top of the list so that the game can continue.
Important persons should no longer become 'Away From Home' and will stay at the base.
Removed a problematic issue preventing Cho from acknowledging successes once she was at your base.
Fix for 'fainting' before the first siege. Fainting should now be impossible until after that siege is over. Death is death.
Removed access to an area in the port we didn't intend to be playable area. (There was an area in the port in the NW area of the map, where you could climb over a wall next to the crane and run around in a small zone and eventually hit some invisible walls. Borrrrrrrrring.)
Vehicles should now be repaired by advanced Workshops post siege.
Eldridge's post-rescue scene (on the radio with Highroad) should no longer turn driving players into car-centaurs.
Removed teleports from VIP "Found" scenes, to prevent ugliness in cases where the intended building is not cast.
Made Sasquatch pacifistic and unkillable during Bloater and Screamer Hunting missions, to prevent him from screwing up the Bloater all the time.
Fixed bad reference to the most advanced versions of the Infirmary that was preventing sick people from getting better.
Fixed a case where Greyhound 2 soldiers were invulnerable when they became playable.
Baroque church near international district should no longer appear blown out with black squares atop each steeple.
Display score between breakdown levels
Grenade launchers and mines now count towards Grenadier
Fix to a rucks-in-trucks crash. (From ChrisP: There was an issue where rucks in trucks were being saved in a particular order, and if one of the rucks was removed, the order was not being re-saved, so if a player then went to pull a second ruck, it would cause the game to crash.)
Fix painkiller and snack resets in Supply Locker after next day. One per population decrement +/- morale/sickness of population
Characters no longer consume the snacks and painkillers that they carry in their inventory on end of day
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