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-SONY SpectraLayers Pro 3.0.17- Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 2015
Поддерживаемая ОС: OS X 10.7+
Разработчик: SonyCreativeSoftware
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется
Системные требования:
- (Mac OSX) 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) or 10.10 (Yosemite)
- Intel dual core processor (quad core recommended)
- 4 GB RAM
- 2 GB of free hard disk space (for temporary files)
- OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card
- 1280x720 display resolution
- CoreAudio compatible audio hardware

SpectraLayers Pro — это великолепная платформа аудиомонтажа с непревзойденными возможностями обработки звука в сочетании с уникальным рабочим процессом. Отображение звуковых данных на многомерном дисплее спектров, который показывает временные и частотные события с невероятной детальностью.
Прямой доступ и управление спектрами с использованием разнообразных интеллектуальных средств редактирования. Разделение звуковых файлов на отдельные компонентные слои с последующей их индивидуальной обработкой, изменение временной привязки и высоты тона, обработка сигнала и эффектов при помощи плагинов VST, сверхточное удаление ошибок и артефактов, разделение на каналы, шумопонижение и многое другое.
SpectraLayers Pro — важнейший инструмент для инженеров по мастерингу звука, дизайнеров звука, создателей звукового сопровождения для видео, архивистов и профессионалов, которым требуются инструменты для глубокого звукового анализа.
SpectraLayers Pro полностью меняет представления о возможностях профессиональной системы звукового монтажа, перенося самые современные средства монтажа на исключительно доступную платформу, разработанную для компьютеров Mac.•••

Новое в SONY SpectraLayers Pro 3:

SpectraLayers Pro 3 uses the core concepts of its predecessor as the foundation for a reimagined experience in audio spectrum editing. The new features rundown provides a multitude of discussion points, but the way they all work together will leave you speechless.
Layers Panel Redesign
The redesigned Layers Panel in SpectraLayers Pro 3 reflects the extent to which this application has been upgraded to provide significantly improved editing and workflow options. While the revised Selection Tools bring a new level of control to the editing process, the Layers Panel improves on keeping things organized, visible, and relevant.
— Color-coded layers
— In SpectraLayers Pro 3, every layer’s spectral graph is tagged with its own unique color. Colors can be changed instantly at any time.
— Drag to re-order
— Layers can now be dragged into any order you like.
— Floating panels
— The Layers, Channels, and History panels can now be anchored in the SpectraLayers Pro 3 workspace, or they can float over the workspace or on a secondary monitor.
— Double-click fader reset to 0dB
— Added by popular demand.
Selection tools redesign
— The Selection Tools panel has been significantly upgraded to provide more power and versatility than ever for carving precise, tailor-made selections out of the spectral graph. Learn more.
— spectral audio selection tools
New waveform display/overview bar
— SpectraLayers Pro 3 has a new Waveform Display that updates instantly while you work. Important attributes of your spectral editing scenario are clearly shown here in waveform context, including cursor position, the current selection, color-coded project layer content, and all relative amplitudes.
— Above the timeline and always visible, the Overview Bar provides graphic, color-coded information about a wide variety of project status attributes including selection range, layer phase status, and more.
— audio waveform editing
Displacement pad
— The 3D Displace feature in SpectraLayers Pro 3 provides spectacular, intricate visualizations of spectral audio data. In 3D Displace Mode, editors can explore the amplitude envelopes of any sound in isolation, and the relative amplitude power relationships that exist in projects with multiple audio channels or tracks.
3D displace
SpectraLayers Pro 3 features a new way to access 3D Displace Mode: the Displacement Pad, a joystick-like control that provides instant access to the rich, detailed world of multidimensional audio spectrum data. Simply grab the control and slide it over the crosshairs to get the view you want, and double-click to return to the standard view. The Displacement Pad is always active and available, which means that you can access 3D visualizations without losing focus on your editing tools. The new SpectraLayers Pro 3 color scheme makes the 3D Displacement feature even more useful, as every layer can now be assigned its own unique color on the spectral graph.
Audio scrubbing
Use the cursor to scrub audio in both directions.
Faster processing
Engine performance is upgraded yet again for SpectraLayers Pro 3. The new logic and comprehensive CPU support translates into pure speed and silky smooth program response.
24-bit/192 kHz performance
24-bit/192 kHz performance
Now available in SpectraLayers Pro 3.
Preferences Panel
The new Preferences panel makes SpectraLayers Pro 3 configuration and personalization easy.
preferences panel: device
Select your audio device, route your hardware I/O, set your buffer size, and map input and output channels to conform to a wide variety of surround-sound scenarios; a smart remapping feature is available to automatically make assignments.
Customize your color scheme and choose your default scales here.
Set your work paths, logging, and history/recovery options here.
Create your keyboard command profile here; more than 100 commands are available for customization.
hardware support
Hardware Support
Including touch, trackpad, pen, Retina/high-DPI displays, and automatic detection when used with convertible laptops.
surround support
Surround Support

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