Schaefer K., Cochran J., Forsyth S., Glendenning D., Perkins B. - Professional Microsoft IIS 8 [2012, PDF/EPUB, ENG]

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Professional Microsoft IIS 8
Год: 2012
Автор: Schaefer K., Cochran J., Forsyth S., Glendenning D., Perkins B.
Издательство: Wrox
ISBN: 1118388046, 978-1118388044
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF/EPUB
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 984
Описание: Stellar author team of Microsoft MVPs helps developers and administrators get the most out of Windows IIS 8
If you’re a developer or administrator, you’ll want to get thoroughly up to speed on Microsoft’s new IIS 8 platform with this complete, in-depth reference. Prepare yourself to administer IIS 8 in not only commercial websites and corporate intranets, but also the mass web hosting market with this expert content. The book covers common administrative tasks associated with monitoring and managing an IIS environment–and then moves well beyond, into extensibility, scripted admin, and other complex topics.
The book highlights automated options outside the GUI, options that include the PowerShell provider and AppCmd tool. It explores extensibility options for developers, including ISAPI and HTTPModules. And, it delves into security protocols and high availability/load balancing at a level of detail that is not often found in IIS books.
Author team includes Microsoft MVPs and an IIS team member
Covers the management and monitoring of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 8 for administrators and developers, including MOF and MOM
Delves into topics not often included in IIS books, including using the PowerShell provider and AppCmd tool and other automated options, and extending IIS 8 with ISAPI or HTTPModules
Explores security issues in depth, including high availability/load balancing, and the Kerberos, NTLM, and PKI/SSL protocols
Explains how to debug and troubleshoot IIS
Professional Microsoft IIS 8 features a wealth of information gathered from individuals running major intranets and web hosting facilities today, making this an indispensible and real-world reference to keep on hand.

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Part I: Introduction and Deployment
Chapter 1. Background on IIS and New Features in IIS 8.0
Chapter 2. IIS 8.0 Architecture
Chapter 3. Planning Your Deployment
Chapter 4. Installing IIS 8.0
Part II: Administration
Chapter 5. Administration Tools
Chapter 6. Website Administration
Chapter 7. Web Application Administration
Chapter 8. Web Application Pool Administration
Chapter 9. Delegating Remote Administration
Chapter 10. Configuring Other Services
Part III: Advanced Administration
Chapter 11. Core Server
Chapter 12. Core Server Extensibility
Chapter 13. Securing the Server
Chapter 14. Authentication and Authorization
Chapter 15. SSL and TLS
Chapter 16. IIS Scalability I: Building an IIS Web Farm
Chapter 17. IIS Scalability II: Load Balancing and ARR
Chapter 18. Programmatic Configuration and Management
Chapter 19. URL Rewrite
Chapter 20. Configuring Publishing Options
Part IV: Managing and Operating IIS 8.0
Chapter 21. IIS and Operations Management
Chapter 22. Monitoring and Performance Tuning
Chapter 23. Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
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