Santhosh Sivarajan - Getting Started with Windows Server Security [2015, PDF, ENG]

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Getting Started with Windows Server Security
Год: 2015
Автор: Santhosh Sivarajan
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78439-025-9
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 240
Windows Server 2012 provides security features and solutions that can be used as standalone security solutions as well as integrated solutions with your existing security or auditing tools.
To begin, you will learn how to implement baseline security using Microsoft Security Configuration Wizard and how to lock down unwanted services, along with how to configure your Windows firewall. You will see how to enable and use native tools including AppLocker to identify and mitigate risks and tighten up your Windows Server infrastructure security.
This book also walks you through best practices for designing and building a secure Microsoft server platform, with instructions on configuration and managing Dynamic Access Control and polices.
At the end of the book, installation and configuration of Windows Server Update Services, which plays a crucial role in the security space, is covered.

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Chapter 1: Operating System and Baseline Security

Microsoft Windows Server
Baseline and security
Security Confiuration Wizard
Translating your policy into a technical policy
Creating a policy template
Policy review and validation
Policy implementation
Analyzing the result and troubleshooting
A backup or rollback plan
Chapter 2: Native MS Security Tools and Confiuration
Microsoft SCM
Installing Microsoft SCM
Administering Microsoft SCM
Creating and implementing security policies
Exporting GPO from Active Directory
Importing GPO into SCM
Merging imported GPO with the SCM baseline policy
Exporting the SCM baseline policy
Importing a policy into Active Directory
Maintaining and monitoring the integrity of a baseline policy
Microsoft ASA
Application control and management
Creating a policy
Auditing a policy
Implementing the policy
AppLocker and PowerShell
Chapter 3: Server Roles and Protocols
Server types and roles
Managing servers using Server Manager
Monitoring and securing server roles
Creating a server role baseline report
Analyzing production servers
Server Message Block
Confiuring and implementing SMB
Identifying the client and server operating system
Verifying the current SMB confiuration
Enabling or disabling the SMB encryption
Verifying SMB communication
Chapter 4: Application Security
File or data server
Applying baseline security
The access mechanism
Data protection
Removing unwanted shares
Data encryption using BitLocker encryption
Encrypting data volume
Managing BitLocker volume
Print server
Applying baseline security
The print server role security
Print server access mechanisms
The printer driver security and installation
Print server and share permissions
Hyper-V servers
Applying baseline security
Securing the access mechanism
Guard protection
Enabling the guard protection
Encrypting Hyper-V host servers
Internet Information Services
Applying baseline security
Securing web server components
Securing the access mechanisms
Adding dynamic IP restrictions
Chapter 5: Network Service Security
Baseline policies
Installing RODCs
Confiuring RODCs
Domain Name System
Applying a DNS baseline policy
Enabling Scavenging on a DNS server
Enabling Scavenging on a DNS zone
Securing DNS dynamic updates
Cache poisoning attacks
Dynamic Host Confiuration Protocol
Applying a DHCP baseline policy
Controlling and segregating IP address allocation
Confiuring PBA
Securing DHCP administration
IP address and DNS management and monitoring
Service accounts
Group Managed Service Accounts
Creating a KDS root key
Creating Group Managed Service Accounts
Installing Group Managed Service Accounts
Confiuring Group Managed Service Accounts
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
Installing Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
Confiuring Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
Chapter 6: Access Control
Dynamic Access Control
Enabling the KDC support
Creating claim types
Creating and enabling resource properties
Creating a central access rule
Creating a central access policy
Deploying a central access policy
Confiuring folder permissions on a fie server
Verifying access the control confiuration and permission
Chapter 7: Patch Management
Microsoft Windows Server Update Services
Installing the WSUS web role
Confiuring WSUS
Confiuring and deploying automatic updates
Administering WSUS
Creating groups
Managing updates
Managing the group membership
Chapter 8: Auditing and Monitoring
Default auditing policies
Enabling Global Object Access Auditing – fiesystem
Enabling Global Object Access Auditing – directory services
Event forwarding
Confiuring the source computer
Confiuring the target (collector) computer
Troubleshooting event forwarding
Microsoft Best Practice Analyzer
Monitoring the performance
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