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Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools
Год: 2006
Автор: Raheem M.
Жанр: Учебное пособие
Издательство: Addison Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0-321-39796-7, 978-0-321-39796-6
Язык: Английский
Формат: CHM
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 816
Описание: This book reveals the power of the SQL Server 2005 tools to database management system professionals, enabling you to maximize productivity. The authors of the book have been working on the SQL Server 2005 team since its inception, they share the philosophy behind the design of the tools, and they are familiar with insider tips and tricks.
The SQL Server 2005 family of products consists of Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Notification Services, and SQL Server Mobile Edition (SQL Server Everywhere Edition). This book describes the core functionality of all the SQL Server 2005 tools, and closely examines the Database Engine tools. The book provides solutions for installation, upgrade, configuration, schema design, management, authoring, development, optimization, deployment, operation, and troubleshooting. It covers the Installation Wizard, Upgrade Advisor, SQL Server Configuration Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, Database Tuning Advisor, SQLCMD, Database Mail, SQL Server Agent, and SQL Server Profiler. It also touches on technologies that these tools are built upon, such as SQL Server Management Objects (SMO), the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Provider, and ADO.NET.
The book describes individual features and how they work together to create end-to-end scenarios. For the beginning user, we have screenshots and code samples. We provide examples with code snippets where applicable. When we introduce particular aspects of tool behavior or scenarios, we start first by describing them and relating them to other previously described tasks. Screen shots show how these things look inside the tools. For the more experienced users, we provide tips and insight. In addition, we provide code snippets to illustrate how particularly interesting functionalities can be implemented with underlying APIs.

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About the Authors
Chapter 1. Inside the Fundamentals
History of SQL Server Tools
Why Database Tools Are Important
Introducing the SQL Server 2005 Family of Products
SQL Server 2005 Tools
Comparing SQL Server 2005 with SQL Server 2000 Tools
Chapter 2. Inside the Installation and Upgrade Tools
SQL Server 2005 Installation Issues
Installing SQL Server 2005
Upgrading to SQL Server 2005
Chapter 3. Inside the Configuration Tools
SQL Server Configuration Tools
Common Configuration Scenarios
Chapter 4. Inside Management and Administration Tools
SQL Server Management Studio
Management and Administration Scenarios
Chapter 5. Inside Data Authoring Tools
Query Editor in SQL Server Management Studio
Bulk Copy Utility (BCP)
Chapter 6. Inside SQLCMD Query Tools
Command Line Options
Scripting Variables
SQLCMD Commands
SQLCMD Startup Script
Authoring of SQLCMD Queries Using SQL Server Management Studio Query Editor
Chapter 7. Inside Tuning and Optimization Tools
Using SQL Server Management Studio for Query Optimization
SQL Server Profiler
Database Tuning Advisor
Chapter 8. Inside Scheduling Tools
SQL Server Task Scheduling Via SQL Server Agent
Monitoring Job Execution
SQL Server Agent Security
Job Step Logging
SQL Server Agent Multi-Server Administration
SQL Server Agent Architectural Overview
SQL Server Agent Advanced Service Configuration
Chapter 9. Inside Monitoring Tools
Monitoring Server Activity
Using SQL Server Agent Monitoring Capabilities
Using SQL Server Profiler for Monitoring Server Activity
Monitoring Using Microsoft Operations Manager and SQL Server Management Pack
Chapter 10. Inside Email Tools
SQL Mail
Database Mail
SQL Agent Mail
Chapter 11. Inside Programming Object Models
The SMO Object Model
Some Uses of SMO Objects
Capture Mode
Backup and Restore
Local Trees
Monitoring Server Events
Optimized Instantiation
Pre-fetch Capability
Chapter 12. Inside Replication Tools
Database Replication Basics
Wizards in Management Studio
Administering Replication in Management Studio
Monitoring Replication Activity in Replication Monitor
Chapter 13. Inside Analysis Services OLAP Tools
Analysis Services OLAP Tools Overview
Using Analysis Services Tools to Address Business Scenarios
Chapter 14. Inside Analysis Services Data Mining Tools
Analysis Services Tools Overview
Using Analysis Services Data Mining Tools to Solve Problems in Business Scenarios
Chapter 15. Inside Notification Services Tools
Overview of Notification Services
Overview of the Notification Services Tools
Other Tools
Common Deployment and Management Scenarios
Chapter 16. Inside Integration Services Tools
Integration Services Overview
Integration Services Tools Overview
Using Integration Services Tools in Business Scenarios
Chapter 17. Inside the Reporting Services Tools
Reporting Services Tools Overview
Building Reports
Managing and Securing Reports
Using Reporting Services Tools to Solve Problems in Business Scenarios
Appendix A. Sample KPI Client CodeRetrieving and Exposing Your First KPI
Appendix B. KPI UtilitiesCode for Parsing Display Folders and Getting Image Indexes
Appendix C. KPI Viewer
Website Installation
Website Usage
Known Issue
Appendix D. Complete List of Data Mining Stored Procedures
Association Rule
Decision Trees
Decision Tree Dep Net
Naïve Bayes
Neural Net
Dependency Net
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