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SharePoint 2010 Field Guide
Год: 2012
Автор: Steven Mann, Colin Murphy, Pablo Gazmuri, Chris Caravajal, Christina Wheeler
Издательство: Wrox
ISBN: 978-1-1181-0505-4
Серия: Programmer to Programmer
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF/EPUB
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 458
Описание: Aimed at the more than 100 million licensed SharePoint 2010 users, this indispensable field guide addresses an abundance of common SharePoint 2010 problems and offers proven solutions. A team of authors encourages you to customize SharePoint beyond the out-of-the-box functionality so that you can build more complex solutions to these challenges. You ll discover intricate details and specific full-scale solutions that you can then implement to your own SharePoint 2010 solutions.
•Tackles a variety of SharePoint 2010 problems ranging from simple to complex, and offers sound solutions
•Details the SharePoint object model, reviews site provisioning solutions, and explores scalable applications
•Looks at UI design and branding, visual web parts, and PowerShell
•Discusses custom global navigation, field types, content types, and list templates
SharePoint 2010 Field Guide provides you with the right direction for building solutions to SharePoint 2010 problems.

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Part I: using sharepoint technologies and exploiting Functionality
Chapter 1: Leveraging the SharePoint Object Model
Customizing SharePoint
UI Components
Nonvisual Components
External Access
Putting It All Together
A Blog Aggregator
Calendar Reminders
Scheduled Workflows
Chapter 2: Creating Visual Web Parts
Creating Visual Web Parts
Visual Web Part Project
Adding Controls
Adding Code
Connecting Web Parts
Creating an Interface
Creating the Provider Web Part
Creating the Consumer Web Part
Deploying the Solution
Connecting the Web Parts
Using SharePoint Controls
Leveraging the XSLT Web Part
Chapter 3: Customizing Search
Configuring and Creating Content Sources
Indexing Content
Planning Content Sources
Implementing Content Sources
Configuring Search Scopes
Defining Search Scopes in the Service Application
Defining Site Collection Search Scopes and Scope Display Groups
Creating Managed Properties
Customizing the Enterprise Search Center
Creating a New Search Results Page
Modifying the Advanced Search Screen
Finding Content with Alerts
Chapter 4: Leveraging the SharePoint Lists Web Service
Web Services Overview
SharePoint Web Services Introduction
Instantiating a Web Service
Setting Credentials
Querying Lists and List Items
Modifying the SharePoint Location
Retrieving Lists from a SharePoint Location
Retrieving List Items from a SharePoint List
Modifying List Items
Creating a New Item
Updating an Existing Item
Deleting an Existing Item
Programmatically Uploading Files to SharePoint
Adding References
Create Upload Method
Create Web Request and File Buffer
Use Stream and FileStream Objects
Perform the Upload
Error Handling and Returns
Chapter 5: Custom Field Types, Content Types, and List Definitions
Field Types
Field Type Definition Components
Building a Restricted Social Security Number Field Type
Custom Content Types
Creating the Employee Details Content Type Stub
Implementing the Employee Details Content Type
List Definitions
Creating the Employees List Definition
Customizing the List Schema
Chapter 6: Workflow
Workflow Introduction
Getting Started
Defining the Process
Types of Workflow Associations
Starting Workflows
Selecting Your Solution Method
SharePoint 2010 Native Tools
SharePoint Workflow Tools
SharePoint Workflow Templates
Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Premium
SPD 2010
Workflow Options and Features
Visual Studio 2010
Chapter 7: Administrating SharePoint 2010 with PowerShell
Getting Started
Starting PowerShell
PowerShell Conventions
Command Discovery
Function Key Shortcuts
Command Prompt System Commands
SharePoint Management with PowerShell
SharePoint Farm Management
Web Application Management
Site Management
Solutions and Features
Enterprise Content Management
SharePoint Database Management
Search Administration with PowerShell
SharePoint Foundation Search
Enterprise Search
Service Applications
Access Services
Excel Services
InfoPath Forms Services
Metadata Service
PerformancePoint Services
Secure Store Service
State Service
User Profile Service
Visio Services
Word Services
Part II: SharePoint Solutions
Chapter 8: UI Design and Branding 211

Creating Themes
Using Themes
Configuring Themes from the Site User Interface
Deploying Themes Through a Feature
Branding with Custom CSS
Themes and CSS
Building and Including Custom CSS
Using a Centered Fixed Width Design
Styling Individual Navigation Items
Changing SharePoint Search Icon with CSS
Master Pages
Browser Support
Deploying Master Pages via Visual Studio 2010
Customizing the Ribbon
Working with Page Layouts
Creating Page Layouts Using SharePoint Designer 2010
Deploy Custom Page Layouts Through Visual Studio 2010
Branding Layouts Pages
Customizing Application Pages
Creating Custom Application Pages
Registering Custom Application Pages from Receivers
Registering Custom Application Pages from Windows PowerShell
Chapter 9: Building a Site Provisioning System
Sites and Site Collections
Determining Your Site Taxonomy
Example Taxonomy Matrix
Additional Factors
The Site Request Process
An Example Site Request Process
Security Challenges
Our Example Solution
Alternatives in Implementation
Creating the Project Framework
Creating the Necessary Lists
Creating a Custom Feature Receiver
Building and Deploying the Solution
Creating a Custom List Item Form
Creating Form Helper Functions
Creating Form Controls
Building Out the Custom Form Code
Creating the Core Site Provisioning Functionality
Deploying the Solution
Next Steps
User Experience
Site Request and Configuration
Additional Uses for Site Data
Chapter 10: Building Scalable Applications in SharePoint
General Performance Issues
Memory, Disk, and Network Access
Algorithmic Efficiency
Load Balancing and Farm Configuration
Server Configuration Options
Load-Balancing Options
Database Allocation
Data Sharding
SharePoint Caching Options
Page Output Caching
SharePoint Object Cache
The BLOB Cache
Caching in Code
Application Object
Session Object
View State
HTTP Cache
Static Variables
Local Files and the SharePoint Content DB
A Reusable Caching Method
Managing Large Lists
Query Throttling
Indexed Fields
Configuring Views
Client-Side Optimizations
Content Distribution Networks
Reducing Server Round Trips
Writing Efficient Code in SharePoint
Adding and Retrieving List Data
Batch Operations
Supported Batch Operations
Multithreaded Operations
String Processing
Exception Handling
General Tips for Solving Hard Problems
Chapter 11: Building a Custom Global Navigation Solution
Defining the Requirements
Reviewing the Architecture
Understanding OOTB SharePoint Navigation
Pieces of the Solution
Creating the Solution
Creating the Visual Studio Solution and Projects
Building the Navigation Menu UI
Building the Processing Layer
Building the Global Navigation Consumer
Building the Timer Job
Appendix A: URL Shortcuts
Site Management
Page Maintenance
Appendix B: CSS Quick Reference
Appendix C: Hiding and Customizing Page Breadcrumbs
Appendix D: PowerShell Quick Reference
Backup and Restore
Form Templates
Sites and Webs
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