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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference
Год: 2013
Автор: Paolo Pialorsi
Издательство: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 978-0-7356-7071-6
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 794
Описание: Design and develop great solutions using SharePoint 2013Develop your business collaboration solutions quickly and effectively with the rich set of tools, classes, libraries, and controls available in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. With this practical reference, enterprise-development expert Paolo Pialorsi shows you how to extend and customize the SharePoint environment—and helps you sharpen your development skills. Ideal for ASP.NET developers with Microsoft .NET and C# knowledge.Discover how to:
  • Create custom SharePoint apps and publish them in the Office Store
  • Orchestrate your workflows with the new Workflow Manager 1.0
  • Access and manage your SharePoint data with the REST APIs
  • Federate SharePoint with Windows Azure Access Control Services
  • Customize your SharePoint 2013 UI for a better user experience
  • Gain a thorough understanding of authentication and authorization

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Getting started
Chapter 1 : Microsoft SharePoint 2013: A quick tour
What is SharePoint?
Main benefits
SharePoint basic concepts
Architectural overview
SharePoint editions
SharePoint for developers
Developer tools
Chapter 2 : SharePoint data fundamentals
Lists of items and contents
Site columns
Content types
Developing SharePoint Solutions
Chapter 3 : Data provisioning
Site columns
Content types
List definitions
Chapter 4 : SharePoint features and solutions
Features and solutions
Upgrading solutions and features
Feature receivers
Chapter 5 : Server Object Model
Startup environment
Objects hierarchy
Common and best practices
Real-life examples
Chapter 6 : LINQ to SharePoint
LINQ overview
Introducing LINQ to SharePoint
Modeling with SPMetal.exe
Querying data
Managing data
Advanced topics
Chapter 7 : Client-side technologies
Architectural overview
Client Object Model
Client Object Model examples
Developing SharePoint apps
Chapter 8 : SharePoint apps
Introducing apps
Your first app
Inside AppManifest.xml
App Parts and custom UI extensions
Autohosted apps
Provider-hosted apps
Publishing apps and the Office Store
App management configuration and deployment
Security infrastructure
Chapter 9 : The new SharePoint REST API
Introducing the REST API
Common REST API usage
Chapter 10 : Remote event receivers
Architecture of remote event receivers
A sample remote event receiver
Deployment and registration
App-related receivers
Callback capability
Extending SharePoint
Chapter 11 : architectureof Web PartsEditorZone classWeb Partsarchitecture ofWeb PartsoverviewWebParts namespaceWebPartZone classDeveloping Web Parts
Web Part architecture
A Hello World Web Part
Web Part deployment
Real Web Parts
Configurable Web Parts
Handling display modes
Custom Web Part verbs
Connectable Web Parts
Deployment and versioning
Security: Safe controls and cross-site-scripting safeguards
The SharePoint-specific WebPart class
Chapter 12 : Customizing the UI
Custom actions
Custom content
Status bar and notification area
Dialog framework
Chapter 13 : Web templates
The core techniques
Site definitions
Custom site definitions
Site definitions with Visual Studio
Site and web templates
Site definitions vs. web templates
Chapter 14 : Business Connectivity Services
Overview of BCS
Accessing a database
BDC authentication modes
BDC model file
Offline capabilities
Accessing a WCF/SOAP service
Consuming OData services
.NET custom model
Associating entities
Developing workflows
Chapter 15 : Windows Workflow Foundation
Architecture of Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5
Your first workflow project
Dictionaryclassexecuting instancesof workflowsWorkflowApplication classWorkflowInvoker classworkflowsexecuting instances ofWWF (Windows Workflow Foundation)executing workflow instancesHosting and execution
Custom activities
Runtime scheduler and workflow process life cycle
Workflow persistence
Chapter 16 : SharePoint workflow fundamentals
The new architecture
Deployment of Workflow Manager 1.0
Your first workflow with SharePoint Designer 2013
More about workflows
Chapter 17 : Developing workflows
Consuming REST services
Visual Studio 2012 for creating workflows
apps, SharePointworkflows indefiningworkflowsdefining in SharePoint appsWorkflow and SharePoint apps
Workflow forms
Custom workflow tasks
Workflow deployment
Flowcharts and state machines
Chapter 18 : Advanced workflows
Custom actions
Security and workflow app principal
Workflow Services Manager
Security infrastructure
Chapter 19 : Authentication and authorization infrastructure
Authentication infrastructure
Claims-based authentication types
Configuring FBA with SQL Membership Provider
Authorization infrastructure
Chapter 20 : Claims-based authentication, federated identities, and OAuth
Claims-based authentication and WS-Federation
Implementing an IP/STS with WIF
SharePoint trusted IPs
Federating with Windows Azure ACS
Understanding OAuth
Configuring server-to-server apps
Appendix : About the Author
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