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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer Reference
Год: 2011
Автор: Paolo Pialorsi
Издательство: MS
ISBN: 0735639035
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 784
Описание: Sharpen your SharePoint development skills with this complete and concrete guide to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This book shows you how to develop real-world solutions with techniques for extending and customizing the SharePoint environment with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010. You’ll find numerous examples, mostly in C#, that exemplify best practices for SharePoint development.
Major topics include:
Extending SharePoint 2010
Developing workflows for SharePoint 2010
Advanced Web Part development
Security infrastructure
SharePoint Object Model programming
You’ll also learn how to work with Microsoft Silverlight® Web Parts, claims-based authentication, Business Connectivity Services, and more. It’s the pragmatic, everyday reference that every SharePoint developer needs.

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Getting Started
Chapter 1 : Introducing Microsoft SharePoint 2010
What Is SharePoint?
Main Capabilities
SharePoint Basic Concepts
Architectural Overview
SharePoint Editions
SharePoint for Developers
Developer Tools
Chapter 2 : Data Foundation
Lists of Items and Contents
Site Columns
Content Types
Programming Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Chapter 3 : Server Object Model
Startup Environment
Objects Hierarchy
Common and Best Practices
Real-Life Examples
Chapter 4 : LINQ to SharePoint
LINQ Overview
Introducing LINQ to SharePoint
Modeling with SPMetal.EXE
Querying Data
Managing Data
Advanced Topics
Chapter 5 : Client-Side Technologies
Architectural Overview
SharePoint Client Object Model
Client Object Model by Examples
SOAP Services
Developing Web Parts
Chapter 6 : Web Part Basics
Web Part Architecture
A “Hello World” Web Part
Web Part Deployment
Real Web Parts
Configurable Web Parts
Handling Display Modes
Custom Web Part Verbs
The SharePoint-Specific WebPart class
Chapter 7 : Advanced Web Parts
Connectable Web Parts
Supporting AJAX
Silverlight and External Applications
Asynchronous Programming
XSLT Rendering
Deployment, Security, and Versioning
Extending Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Chapter 8 : SharePoint Features and Solutions
Features and Solutions
Upgrading Solutions and Features
Feature Receivers
Chapter 9 : Extending the User Interface
Custom Actions
Delegate Controls
Custom Contents
Status Bar and Notification Area
Dialog Framework
Chapter 10 : Data Provisioning
Site Columns
Content Types
List Definitions
Chapter 11 : Developing Custom Fields
Fields Type Basics
The SPField Class
Developing Custom Field Types
Supporting Mobile Devices
Custom Field Editor
Chapter 12 : Event Receivers
Types of Receivers
Item-Level Event Receivers
List-Level Event Receivers
Web-Level Event Receivers
Workflow Event Receivers
E-Mail Event Receivers
Avoiding Event Loops
Event Deployment and Binding
Event Synchronization
Event Security
Chapter 13 : Document Management
Document Sets
Document ID
File Conversion Services
Chapter 14 : Site Templates
Native Site Definitions
Site Definitions
Site Definitions with Visual Studio
Custom Web Templates
Site Definitions versus Web Templates
Chapter 15 : Developing Service Applications
Service Application Architecture
Creating a Service Application
Final Thoughts
Developing Workflows
Chapter 16 : SharePoint Workflows Architecture
Workflow Foundation Overview
Workflows in SharePoint
Chapter 17 : Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010
SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows
Designing a Workflow
Visio 2010 Integration
Chapter 18 : Workflows with Visual Studio 2010
Workflow Modeling
Correlation Tokens
Site Workflows
Chapter 19 : Workflow Forms
Management Forms
Task Forms
Forms Deployment
Chapter 20 : Advanced Workflows
Custom Actions and Conditions
Workflow Event Receivers
Workflow Services
Workflow Management by Code
SPTimer Service and Workflows
Security Infrastructure
Chapter 21 : Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure
Authentication Infrastructure
Claims-Authentication Types
Configuring FBA with SQL Membership Provider
Authorization Infrastructure
Chapter 22 : Claims-Based Authentication and Federated Identities
Claims-Based Authentication and WS-Federation
Implementing an STS with Windows Identity Foundation
SharePoint Trusted Identity Providers
Chapter 23 : Code Access Security and Sandboxed Solutions
Code Access Security
Sandboxed Solutions Overview
Creating a Sandboxed Solution
Implementing a Solution Validator
Full-Trust Proxies
Sandboxed Solutions and Office 365
Enterprise Features
Chapter 24 : Programming the Search Engine
Search Engine Overview for Developers
Customizing and Extending the User Interface
Federation Framework
Using the Search Engine by Code
Query Web Service
Chapter 25 : Business Connectivity Services
Overview of Business Connectivity Services
Accessing a Database
BDC Model File
Offline Capabilities
Accessing a WCF/SOAP Service
.NET Custom Model
Associating Entities
Programming with BCS Object Model
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