One Final Breath: Episode One [L] [ENG / ENG] (2015)

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One Final Breath: Episode One
Год выпуска: 10 августа 2015
Жанр: Adventure (Horror) / 3D / 1st Person
Разработчик: Dark Day Interactive
Издательство: Dark Day Interactive
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует (HI2U)
Системные требования:
*Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8
*Процессор: 2.1 Ггц
*Оперативная память: 4 Гб
*Видеокарта: 1 Гб
*Место на жестком диске: 3 Гб
Описание: One Final Breath - психологический хоррор с отличным сюжетом, липкой атмосферой ужаса и напряжением нагнетаемом по мере прохождения игры. Отправляйтесь вместе с главным героем на поиски дочери, по имени Carrie-Ann, в старую заброшенную больницу, где по слухам 40 лет назад проводили странные эксперименты над пациентами. К тому же, на этой же неделе несколько сокурсников Carrie-Ann пропали без вести... Может быть эти события, звено одной цепочки?

Альтернативная обложка:


One Final Breath (c) Digerati Distribution
Release Date : ##date#
Protection   : Steam
Type         : Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Size         : 1 Disc
When Carrie-Ann was born, the doctors told us that we had a very special
girl. We didn't really know what that meant, only that it seemed to involve
sending her to "special schools" because she couldn't handle being in a
normal one. So we sent her to the newly opened St. Mary's Boarding School for
Gifted Children. She seemed to be happy there. She even made a friend called
Ava. I didn't like her, though. Ava told Carrie-Ann stories, disturbing ones,
about things her parents and other people allegedly did to her. I told
Carrie-Ann to stay away from her, but I don't think she ever listened.
One day Carrie-Ann called us saying that some of the students had gone
missing. We spoke to the teachers but they said it was just a story: a made
up urban legend. We tried to speak with some of the other parents, but nobody
seemed to be talking about it. Not too long after, the school closed down.
"Structurally unsound" they said. Oh, if only I'd known then what I know now.
  future support for Oculus Rift.
* SNOOP AND PEEK - as you venture deeper into Saint Mary's you will come
  across holes and cracks in the walls to peer through. Tread carefully, as
  it's never nice to spy on others...
* TRUE HARDCORE SURVIVAL MODE - no weapons, no armor, no easy means to
  protect yourself from the horrors that lurk within the school.
* DISCOVER CLUES AND ABANDONED ITEMS - piece together the troubled history
  of the school and its past as a hospital.
* YOUR PHONE REVEALS THE TRUTH - use the camera of your phone or tablet to
  find clues or discover hidden texts. Some things are best left in the
* EPISODIC - Experience the game like a show, with each episode given you a
  new theme, environment, as the story unfolds.
* SHATTERED MEMORIES - Place items you find in sports to reveal moments in
  time, take a glimpse into the past. Find out the truth.
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