(Hard Rock) Manny Charlton (ex Nazareth) - Collection (8CD) 1999-2014 [MP3, tracks, 320 kbps]

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-Manny Charlton (ex Nazareth) - Collection (8CD)-- Год издания: 1999 - 2014
Страна: Scotland
Жанр: Hard Rock
Продолжительность: 08:15:09-Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Тип рипа: tracks
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да


1999 - Drool | 01:10:12

02.Rockin in the free world(05:49)
03.White hotel(05:12)
04.Signed sealed delivered(03:29)
06.Donna(get off that crack)(04:49)
08.White boy(05:45)
11.Love kills(05:11)
12.Lady luck(05:36)

2000 - Bravado | 01:13:39

01.Hit the Fan(04:15)
02.The Difference(05:57)
03.Harvest Moon(03:38)
04.She Rox(05:43)
06.Being There(05:00)
07.Scene of the Crime(05:00)
09.Working Man(04:20)
10.Stone Crazy(05:21)
11.Monkey Nutz(07:35)
12.The Hill(04:27)
13.Foolish Child(08:07)
14.One from the Heart (Demo 1985)(05:05)

2001 - Manny Charlton Band - Stonkin' | 00:55:01

01.Pushin' Daisies(05:36)
02.Not Disappearing(07:11)
03.What U Said(06:26)
04.Inside My Soul(06:25)
05.The Leaving(05:01)
07.Killed My Ass(05:20)
08.Maggot I(03:59)
09.Sweet Love(06:27)

2004 - Say The Word | 01:16:12

01.Say The Word(03:26)
02.The Crooked Line(04:41)
03.My Father's Eyes(05:06)
04.This Month's Messiah(05:34)
06.Crushed By The Girl(03:23)
07.Movin' Day(04:27)
08.The Price(04:01)
09.For Livin' A Lie(03:36)
10.Just A Pretend(04:56)
11.Walk By Yourself(04:52)
12.Where I Live(04:07)
13.Since The Day(04:17)
14.Boots Of Spanish Leather(05:05)
15.44 Years(04:01)
16.Ten Past Seven Blues(02:31)
17.Cactus Rose Cafe(03:47)
18.And Your Religion(02:30)

2007 - Americana Deluxe | 00:55:07

01.Freedom's Child(04:01)
02.Sea Of Love(05:25)
04.I Worry Too Much(07:31)
05.Salty Salty(05:32)
06.I Don't Have To Crawl(05:02)
07.It's Been Emotional(04:14)
08.Some Love Somebody(03:36)
09.Desolation Road(03:33)

2008 - Then There's This | 00:46:10

01.Cash On The Barrellhead(03:21)
02.The Letter(04:14)
03.Bad Books(03:39)
04.The Distance(05:07)
05.Last Kiss (Instrumental)(03:11)
06.Kiss And Run(04:13)
07.New York Broken Toy(04:12)
08.Never Anymore(04:21)
09.Death Of A Princess(02:38)
10.2 In The Bush(04:41)
11.What Did I Know(04:11)
12.Texas Hill Country(02:28)

2014 - Sharp - Sharp Re-Loaded (2CD)

2004 - Sharp | 00:56:28

01.Muddy Waters(04:02)
02.My Baby Left Me(02:27)
03.All Along The Watchtower(04:01)
04.A Deeper Well(04:40)
06.In Her Eyes(03:23)
07.Hang On To A Dream(04:37)
08.Rollin' 'n' Tumblin'(04:43)
09.Blue Moon Of Kentucky(01:51)
10.Please Don't Judas Me(04:33)
11.Shelter From The Storm(05:58)
12.Burnt Sienna(04:42)
13.I Can't Stop The Rain(04:27)
14.Cold Front(03:36)

2005 - Sharp Re Loaded | 01:02:23

01.The Chain(06:24)
04.Strength Of Strings(07:13)
05.Rock 'n' Roll Star(03:16)
06.Norwegian Wood(04:16)
07.Nearly Fine(05:21)
08.Who Do You Love(04:46)
09.Wicked Messenger(05:59)
10.Fallen Angel(05:33)
13.Pushin' Daisies(05:12)

Дополнительная информация:

Мэнуэль Чарлтон — шотландский гитарист, автор песен, продюсер. Наиболее известен как гитарист группы Nazareth.
Родился: 25 июля 1941 г. (74 года), Ла-Линеа-де-ла-Консепсьон, Испания
Музыкальные группы: Nazareth (1968 г. – 1990 г.), Manny Charlton Band
Жанры: Хард-рок, Хеви-метал, Блюз-рок, Поп-рок
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