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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
Год: 2006
Автор: Lisin M., Joseph J.
Жанр: Учебное пособие
Издательство: Sams
ISBN: 0-672-32799-6
Язык: Английский
Формат: CHM
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 480
Описание: SQL Server Reporting enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports. An integrated part of the Microsoft business intelligence framework, Reporting Services combines the data management capabilities of SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server with familiar and powerful Microsoft Office System applications to deliver real-time information to support daily operations and drive decisions. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services will help you understand Reporting Services from various perspectives:
•How it fits business scenarios
•How to install and configure Reporting Services
•Reporting Services components
•Developing reports
As you progress to advanced user status, you will enjoy the chapter about accessing Reporting Services programmatically and extending Reporting Services, and you will be able to use this book as a convenient reference.

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About the Authors
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Part I: Introduction to Reporting Services
Chapter 1. Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
What Is SSRS?
SSRS for End Users
Overview of Features
Enterprise Report Examples
SSRS in the Report Development Life Cycle
Editions of Reporting Services
How Is SSRS Licensed?
Chapter 2. Reporting Services Capabilities: Presentation, Navigation, and Programmability
Report Layouts
Report Presentation (Rendering) Formats
Report Items, Visual Effects, and Charting
Report Navigation
Ad Hoc Reports NEW in 2005
Reporting Services Data Access Features
Chapter 3. Reporting Services Architecture
Report Server Web and Windows Service
Programmatic Interfaces
Report Processor
Command-Line Utilities
Reporting Services Extensions
Report Server Databases
Scheduling and Delivery Processor
Report Builder NEW in 2005
Report Model Designer NEW in 2005
Report Designer
Report Manager
SQL Server Management Studio NEW in 2005
Reporting Services Configuration Tool NEW in 2005
RSPrintClient Control NEW in 2005
WMI Provider
Performance Monitoring Objects
Chapter 4. Reporting Services Deployment Scenarios
High-Availability Deployment Considerations
Internet Deployment Considerations
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Key Features of SSRS by SQL Server 2005 Editions
Chapter 5. Installing Reporting Services
Part II: Report Authoring from Basic to Advanced
Chapter 6. Report Designer
Two Main Report Designers from Microsoft
Visual Studio Haves Versus Have Nots
Solution, Project, File Hierarchy
Generating Reports with Visual Studio
Chapter 7. Report Definition Language
Language: A Way to Communicate
Use of XML
Declarative Programming
Report Elements
Chapter 8. Expressions
What Is an Expression?
Expression Syntax
Adding Expressions
Using Functions
Other Functions
Using Expressions to Change Report Item Properties and Behavior
Example: Placing Emphasis on Certain Values
Chapter 9. Accessing Data
Data-Processing Extensions
Types of Data Sources
Connection Strings
Querying Data
Adding a Data Source
Chapter 10. Report Parameters
Setting Up Parameters
Parameter Properties
Data-Driven Parameters
Parameters and Data Sources
Expressions with Parameters
Dynamic SQL with Parameters
Parameter Dependencies
Example Using MultiValueNEW in 2005
Chapter 11. Working with Report Items
Data Regions, Containers, and Independent Report Items
Report Designer's Toolbox
Line Report Item
Rectangle Report Item
Image Report Item
Textbox Report Item
Table Report Item
List Report Item
Practical Application of Report Items
Matrix Report Item
Chart Report Item
Chart Data (Value)
Chart Series Groups
Chart Category Groups
Chart's RDL
Practical Application of Chart and Matrix
Report Body Versus Page Header/Footer
Chapter 12. Grouping, Sorting, and Aggregating Data, Working with Scope
Grouping Data on a Report
Sorting, Including Interactive User Sorting
Interactive SortingNEW in 2005
Data Source Sorting
Data Region and Group Sorting
Scope of an Aggregate Function
Level and InScope Functions
Chapter 13. Advanced Report Formatting
Formatting-Related Report Item Properties
Formatting Numeric and Date/Time Values
Standard Date/Time Format Strings
Custom Date/Time Formatting
Creating Alternating Colors for the Lines on a Report
Paging Report
Chapter 14. Report Navigation
Hyperlink (Jump to URL) Navigation
BookmarkLink (Jump to Bookmark) Navigation
Document Map
Drillthrough (Jump to Report) Navigation
Hiding Items and Toggle Items
Practical Application of Action Items
Chapter 15. Working with Multidimensional Data Sources
Analysis Services Concepts
Data-Mining Concepts
Chapter 16. Ad Hoc Reporting New in 2005
Issues Facing Ad Hoc Reporting
Client-side Reporting with SSRS
Report Models and the Model Designer
Report Model Projects
Model File Content
Features of Report Builder
Building Reports with Report Builder
Part III: Reporting Services Administration and Operations
Chapter 17. Managing Reports, Data Sources, and Models
Deployment Options in Visual Studio
Deployment Through Report Manager
Deploying Reports Through SQL Server Management Studio
Changing Report Properties
Setting Report History and Snapshots
My Reports
Chapter 18. Securing Report Server Items
Reporting Services Security Model
What Can Be Secured?
How Role Assignments Work
Relationships Between Roles, Tasks, and Users
Overview of Built-In Roles
Assigning Built-In Roles
Defining Custom Roles
Chapter 19. Subscribing to Reports
Overview of Subscriptions
Overview of Delivery Extensions
Creating a Simple Subscription
Creating a Data-Driven Subscription
Managing Subscriptions
Chapter 20. Report Execution and Processing
Managing Schedules
Report Execution and Processing
Report Execution History
Chapter 21. Deploying and Configuring SSRS
Overview of Deployment Scenarios
Requirements for a Standard Deployment
Requirements for a Scale-Out Deployment
Configuring SSRS
Key Management
Part IV: Developing for Reporting Services
Chapter 22. Implementing Custom Embedded Functions
Adding Embedded Code
Debugging Embedded Code
Chapter 23. How to Create and Call a Custom Assembly from a Report
Strong-Named Custom Assemblies
NET Security Primer for a SSRS Administrator
Assemblies That Require Other Than Execute Permissions
Debugging Custom Assemblies
Chapter 24. How to Integrate URL Access
How to Integrate URL Access in an Application
Chapter 25. How to Use Reporting Services Web Services
Report Management Web Service New in 2005 (ReportService2005.asmx)
How to Script Reporting Services (Using the RS Utility)
Working with Report Parameters
Security When Calling a Web Service
Some of the Commonly Used Methods with Short Code Snippets
Chapter 26. Writing Custom Reporting Services Extensions
Common Considerations for Custom Reporting Services Extensions: Implementation, Deployment, and Security
Delivery Extension
Interactions Between User, SSRS, and a Delivery Extension
Chapter 27. Report Rendering Controls and SharePoint Services Web Parts
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ReportViewer Web and Windows Controls New in 2005
Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts
Chapter 28. Custom Report Definition Language (RDL) Generators and Customizing Report Definition
Part V: Appendices
Appendix A. References and Additional Reading
Appendix B. Glossary
Appendix C. FAQ
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