Interstellaria [Repack] [ENG/ENG] (2015) [1.03]

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•Год выпуска: 17 июл, 2015
•Жанр: Стратегии в реальном времени, RPG, Space simulator
•Разработчик: Coldrice Games LLC
•Издательство: Chucklefish
•Платформа: PC
•Версия игры: 1.03 ot 19 ИЮЛЯ
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Английский
•Язык озвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: Вшита от CODEX

• Операционная система: Windows XP / Vista, 7, or Windows 8
• Процессор: 1.8Ghz Dual Core
• Оперативная память: 1 Gb
• Видеокарта: Graphics card with around 256mb memory (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570, Nvidia Quadro fx 3450)
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 200 MB

Вы являетесь капитаном звёздного крейсера, исследующего отдалённые участки нашей галактики. Следует ли напоминать о том, что космос является местом повышенной опасности, а это означает, что вам на своём пути предстоит встретить огромное количество неприятностей. Вы будете не только странствовать по межзвёздному пространству, но также и по отдалённым поверхностям планет. Учтите, что оружие всегда следует держать наготове – кто знает, какие иные формы жизни сможете вы там встретить, и будут ли они вообще в целом к вам дружелюбными.INTERSTELLARIA LAUNCH TRAILER


Tactical crew management. Direct crewmen to put out fires, or repair damaged equipment. Posting them to their station boosts your fleet's speed and combat abilities Your crew eat, sleep, and need entertainment.
Land your ships on planets! Each world is a new experience and has special rewards for you and your crew.
Featuring an all-original soundtrack from the incredibly popular chiptune musician Chipzel.

Oсобенности репака

Ничего не вырезано / Не перекодировано 100%
•Версия игры 1.03
Автор репака ARMENIAC


Here Comes v1.03
Thank you for your patience everyone. This should contain a fix for one of the bigger issues people are facing with the game.
-Adjusted some enemy HP values
-adjusted some space enemy spawn rates
-Fix knockback into wall issue - please give feedback. Crewmen tend to position themselves to the sides of enemies when they are engaged in melee range and this might also cause issues. It didn't break anything in my test, but I 'd like to be sure.
-Fixed issue with asteroids doing non-stop damage to ships.
-Prevented crewmen from embarking off the map.
-Pressing escape while repairing on planets now works properly - it closes the ship menu first, then closes the trade menu, then goes to options.
-Fixed issue where equipped 30mm guns would save as 20mm
-fixed bug with fathers blessing event on Aibit
Version 1.02 now live as well
II wanted to upload a quick build of what I was working on now so you guys didn't think I forgot about you!
-Asteroids will no longer destroy the enemy probe during the tutorial
-killing the enemy probe during the tutorial without scanning no longer locks out the tutorial.
-Removed the locked door on your home town -there's not much to see but I know people wanted to look.
-Fixed a few achievement triggers
-There will not always be the correct stations when you return from Trenzalore to your ship for the next part of the tutorial
-Added arrows to Nav/Tactical/Scan stations during the tutorial
-Fixed a bug where stations would stay on even if there wasn't enough power for them (as long as they were in use)
-Fixed a bug where enemy scanning effect, while paused, would play a sound non-stop
-Fixed a number of typos in dialogue
Whew, what a whirlwind the last 24 hours has been! Sadly we have not been able to cast off the modern gaming curse of launch bugs - but luckily I'm here all week to solve any challenges!
When fighting a larger fleet they block your exit during combat until it evens out
- "ninja" Trait will no longer teleport your characters into the ceiling
-Fixed a few typos
-Steam will now connect properly for all clients, achievements back later tonight!
-You can no longer click crew commands while the map is open
-Elaborated more on boarding both your captain and drone onto the first ship
-Fixed an issue with an asteroid
-Fixed an issue where certain captains couldn't land
-Fixed issues with falling so hard you could fall through the ground
-fixed the racial/random variables tied to jump height/runspeed combos which was giving certain crewmen difficulty pathing.
-Fixed a bug where crewmen would get stuck on corners

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