Davies J., Lewis E. - Deploying Virtual Private Networks with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 [2004, PDF, ENG]

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Deploying Virtual Private Networks with Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Год: 2004
Автор: Joe Davies, Elliot Lewis
Жанр: Учебное пособие
Издательство: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0-7356-1576-4
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Количество страниц: 458
Описание: Welcome to Deploying Virtual Private Networks with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, your complete source for the information you need to design and deploy Vir­tual Private Networks (VPNs) using Windows Server 2003 and all of the Windows Client operating systems. This book includes overview explanations of the various technologies involved in deploying both remote access and site-to-site VPNs over the Internet and/or within a private network. It also includes step-by-step instruc­tions on how to deploy basic remote access and site-to-site VPNs using various tun­neling protocols and authentication methods, step-by-step instructions on advanced features such as Connection Manager and Network Access Quarantine Control, and detailed procedures on how to troubleshoot your VPN deployments.
Virtual private networking is all about ensuring privacy and security on the Internet so that you can use the Internet as a communications network for your users and remote offices. In today’s world of open communications and connectivity on the Internet, you should remember the following quotation when thinking about security:
Security is not binary. It is not a switch or even a series of switches. It cannot be expressed in absolute terms. Do not believe anyone who tries to con­vince you otherwise. Security is relative—there is only more secure and less secure. Furthermore, security is dynamic—people, process, and tech­nology all change. The bottom line is that all of these factors make managing security difficult. — Ben Smith and Brian Komar, Microsoft Windows Security Resource Kit, Microsoft Press, 2003.
Deploying Virtual Private Networks with Microsoft® Windows ServerTM 2003 describes the combination of technologies in Windows that supports the strongest set of industry standards for VPN access that was available at the time of the writing of this book.

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System Requirements
Part I VPN Technology
Chapter 1 The Business Case for Virtual Private Networks
Chapter 2 VPN Overview
Chapter 3 VPN Security
Chapter 4 VPN Interoperability
Part II VPN Deployment
Chapter 5 Remote Access VPN Components and Design Points
Chapter 6 Deploying Remote Access VPNs
Chapter 7 Using Connection Manager for Quarantine Control and Certificate Provisioning
Chapter 8 Site-to-Site VPN Components and Design Points
Chapter 9 Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs
Chapter 10 A VPN Deployment Example Part III VPN Troubleshooting
Chapter 11 Troubleshooting Remote Access VPN Connections
Chapter 12 Troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPN Connections
Part IV Appendixes
Appendix A VPN Deployment Best Practices
Appendix B Configuring Firewalls for VPN
Appendix C Deploying a Certificate Infrastructure
Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
Appendix E Setting Up Connection Manager in a Test Lab
Appendix F Setting Up a PPTP-Based Site-to-Site VPN Connection in a Test Lab
Appendix G Frequently Asked Questions

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