David Catuhe - Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit [2012, PDF, ENG]

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Programming with the Kinect for Windows
Software Development Kit

Год: 2012
Автор: David Catuhe
Издательство: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 978-0-7356-6681-8
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 224
Описание:Create rich experiences for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview with this pragmatic guide to the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). The author, a developer evangelist for Microsoft, walks you through Kinect sensor technology and the SDK—providing hands-on insights for how to add gesture and posture recognition to your apps. If you’re skilled in C# and Windows Presentation Foundation, you’ll learn how to integrate Kinect in your applications and begin writing UIs and controls that can handle Kinect interaction.• This book introduces the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit to developers looking to enrich applications they build for Windows 7 and later with human motion tracking
• Teaches developers with core C# and WPF skills how to program gesture and posture recognition in Kinect
• Describes how to integrate 3D representation on top of a real scene
• Provides expert insights and code samples to get you up and running

Примеры страниц


Kinect at a glance
Chapter 1 : A bit of background
The sensor
The Kinect for Windows SDK
Chapter 2 : Who’s there?
SDK architecture
The video stream
The depth stream
The audio stream
Skeleton tracking
Integrate Kinect in your application
Chapter 3 : Displaying Kinect data
The color display manager
The depth display manager
The skeleton display manager
The audio display manager
Chapter 4 : Recording and playing a Kinect session
Kinect Studio
Recording Kinect data
Replaying Kinect data
Controlling the record system with your voice
Postures and gestures
Chapter 5 : Capturing the context
The skeleton’s stability
The skeleton’s displacement speed
The skeleton’s global orientation
Complete ContextTracker tool code
Detecting the position of the skeleton’s eyes
Chapter 6 : Algorithmic gestures and postures
Defining a gesture with an algorithm
Defining a posture with an algorithm
Chapter 7 : Templated gestures and postures
Pattern matching gestures
The main concept in pattern matching
Comparing the comparable
The golden section search
Creating a learning machine
Detecting a gesture
Detecting a posture
Going further with combined gestures
Chapter 8 : Using gestures and postures in an application
The Gestures Viewer application
Detecting gestures and postures with Gestures Viewer
Recording and replaying a session
Cleaning resources
Creating a user interface for Kinect
Chapter 9 : You are the mouse!
Controlling the mouse pointer
Using skeleton analysis to move the mouse pointer
Handling the left mouse click
Chapter 10 : Controls for Kinect
Adapting the size of the elements
Providing specific feedback control
Replacing the mouse
Chapter 11 : Creating augmented reality with Kinect
Creating the XNA project
Connecting to a Kinect sensor
Adding the background
Adding the lightsaber
Going further
Appendix : About the Author
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