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AutoPlay Media Studio x86 [2011, ENG + RUS] ::

AutoPlay Media Studio x86 [2011, ENG + RUS]

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AutoPlay Media Studio
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Разработчик: Indigo Rose Software
Сайт разработчика:
Разрядность: 32bit
Совместимость с Vista\7: полная
Системные требования: На официальном сайте
Язык интерфейса: Английский + Русский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: AutoPlay Media Studio - визуального пакет для быстрого и качественного создания меню автозапуска, интерактивных презентаций, мультимедийных приложений... Программа создаст все необходимые файлы для автозапуска и его графическую оболочку. Пользователю остаётся лишь записать готовый проект на информационный носитель. Даже не имея опыта программирования, вы сможете создать ваше собственное ПО - сопоставимое по свойствам и эффективности с ПО, созданным специалистами при помощи C++/Java. AutoPlay Media Studio - базовая платформа для разработки приложений, предлагающая широкий выбор опций и поддержку для большинства популярных технологий. Вы словно приобретаете собственного разработчика ПО, работающего 24 часа в сутки. Данная утилита имеет интуитивно понятный интерфейс и легка в освоении.
Основные возможности программы:
  • Готовые шаблоны для оформления меню
  • Добавление любого содержимого в проекты (музыка, видео, флэш, текст и т.д.)
  • Назначение определенного действия любому объекту вашего проекта
  • Расширение функциональности программы с помощью плагинов
  • Возможность создания окон автозапуска произвольной формы
  • Запись дисков напрямую из программы
  • Встроенная проверка орфографии
  • Обнаружение системного языка для многоязычных приложений
  • Поддержка изменения размера окон приложения
  • Создание до 2500 страниц для одного проекта
Доп. информация:

Что нового

New Version Available:
Today (January 21, 2011) we have released a new version of AutoPlay Media Studio (v8.0.4.0)
This release contains the following bug fixes and feature enhancements:
* Feature: Added 2 new actions "File.SetPermissions" and "System.GetUserSID" that can be used to set file or folder permissions.
* Feature: Added a new action called "Application.SetSysTrayTooltip" that allows you to set and optionally show the tooltip for the icon in the system tray.
* Feature: Added an "On Mouse Wheel" event to pages and dialogs.
* Feature: Added an "On Char" event to the Input object.
* Feature: Added Mozilla Firefox Dependency detection script named "Firefox.det" to the distribution.
* Fix: Fixed a distribution issue where corrupt versions of the skin files were distributed.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where changing the text colour in a RichText object using the custom color option would change the colour of all of the text.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where very long similar filenames would result in files being left out when building to an ISO image.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where renaming ComboBox objects would not update script actions properly.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where if there was more than one action on a line, it would not rename properly when renaming objects.
* Fix: Made it so that the Application.Sleep action would block menu activations, right-clicks, and key presses.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the "On Audio" event was not firing correctly when an xButton had focus.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where resizing objects that were positioned at 0,0 would sometimes fail to resize properly when the window was made smaller.
* Fix: Made it so that the script pane would remember the position of the cursor for events per session.
* Fix: Fixed a crash in the design that may occur on Windows 7 relating to browsing the system.
* Fix: Made it so that the RichText object properties dialog would use the RichText background colour at design time so that all colours of text would be visible.
* Fix: Added syntax support to the code editor for new Lua 5.1 operators.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where editing a page's transition settings via the property grid would not enable the save button.
* Fix: Made it so that the runtime will attempt to use the small icon first before using a larger icon size when using a custom icon.
* Fix: Updated the IRScriptEditor to version 2.0.1000 which contains Lua 5.1 syntax checking.
* Fix: Made it so that the "ButtonFile" table value of the Button.GetProperties action, and the "ImageFilename" table value of the Application.GetPageProperties and Application.GetDialogProperties actions all return full paths to the image file instead of relative paths.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where setting the text of a Label object orientated at 90 degrees would sometimes cause the label to "move" upwards.
* Fix: Fixed a bug in the CheckListBox object where the background and text colors weren't working properly.
* Fix: Made it so a disabled CheckListBox appears disabled at design time.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the script pane could cause a crash when opening the same project twice. Also fixed a few other possible cases related to this area.
* Fix: Fixed some issues on the Project Layout dialog on Windows 7 including a New Folder button problem, rename functionality, selection and focus.
* Fix: Added the ability to move files and folders within the File Layout dialog by holding the Shift key during a drag and drop operation.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the "Show Events" option on the Project Explorer pane was not always saving it's value.
* Fix: Made it so the autocomplete tooltip can be dismissed by pressing cursor left, right, up, down, Home, End, or Esc.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where the autocomplete tooltip wouldn't update to reflect the actual autocomplete text after editing the text under the cursor in such a way that different text would be autocompleted, e.g. after editing 'tr' to 'str' the tooltip now reads "String" as it should, instead of "Tree" as it would before.


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