Arms Dealer [Repack] [ENG] (2015)

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Arms Dealer

•Год выпуска: 26 мар, 2015
•Жанр: Стратегия, Симулятор оружейного барона:)
•Разработчик: Case in Point Studios, LLC
•Издательство: Case in Point Studios, LLC
•Платформа: PC
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Английский
•Язык озвучки: не требуется
•Таблетка: не требуется

• Операционная система: Windows Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Intel или AMD 2.0 GHz Dual Core
• Оперативная память: 2 Гб
• Видеокарта: 256 Мб
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 1 Gб

Кто помнит кино "Оружейный барон" с Николосом Кейджом в главных ролях? Думаю многие не забыли этот фильм про торговца оружия, продавшего душу дядушку Сему и создавшего подпольную империю. И знаете что, вышла игра, нет, нет, не по мотивам фильма, но очень похожая в сфере реализации.
Arms Dealer - довольно необычная стратегия, в которой Вы возьмете на себя роль торговца оружием.
2025 год, Вам в руки достается разрозненная империя отца, несколько миллионов долларов и парочку старых приятелей по бизнесу. Кроме того, Ваш любимый папочка оставил крупные долги, которые надо отдавать серьезным людям. Из основных особенностей Arms Dealer можно выделить: 2 режима игры (одиночный и песочница), более 300 видов реального оружия, дипломатия (развивайте партнерство с поставщиками, выстраивайте долгосрочные отношения), логистика (планирование маршрутов из одной страны в другую с учетом действий других торговцев оружием), война с конкурентами. Только учитывайте потенциальную мощь страны, которой продаете оружие, чтобы не развязать войну!ПОХОЖАЯ ИГРА War, the GameArms Dealer - Тrailer

Об этой игре

No one said it would be easy, taking over your father's smuggling empire. It's 2025 and the good years seem long past. So you start with what's left--a barely seaworthy yacht, a few million dollars and the last of your father's business connections who will still speak to you.
It would help if the old man prepared you for this day. But after a childhood of boarding schools around the globe, you hardly knew the man or his business. Now he's gone, and most of his fortune has vanished with him. To make matters worse, he disappeared owing millions to the kind people who approach debts with deadly seriousness. They say you have two years to pay up or... it's best not to think about that. Let's get down to business.
Two Game Modes and an Editor
The game features a campaign mode, with a rich story that explains the world of Arms Dealer in 2025. After one game in the campaign mode, you can play in the sandbox mode, with a variety of custom settings to suit your own playstyle. If you find the game just doesn't suit your ideal environment, you can use the editor to create your own goods to sell, change values, rules, the map and soon much more! Eventually, you can make a total conversion to the game with a powerful set of tools in our editor suite.
A Trading Game
Trade more than 250 real-life weapons with 160 countries around the globe. Start with one small yacht and if you play your cards right, you can eventually control a fleet of boats, trucks and aircraft to carry your goods.
A Diplomacy Game
For an Arms Dealer, everything depends on relationships. To win, you'll have to initiate and foster relationships with suppliers to get the best prices and the most coveted weapons. On the other end, you have to create lasting relationships with your customers to get them to pay higher prices and to purchase larger quantities from you. Those relationships can grow through proven loyalty, by completing special request missions, or by supplying their friends while denying weapons to their enemies. At times, good relationships are all that will save you from your enemies.
A Strategy Game
You must carefully choose the route you take from country to country to reach your destinations. A variety of map filters will help you plan the safest and most profitable routes across the globe. Along your journey, three agencies hound you and try to impose their agendas on you. Competitors also pose a constant threat. Ten of the world's top Arms Dealers are also vying for the most profitable deals and valuable auctions. You can ally with them, track their movements or even try to take them out. Your real nemesis is the APA, an agency whose sole aim is to hunt you down, shut off your access to trading partners and put you out of business. Only by maintaining strategic allies around the globe to protect your passage can you last long enough to raise the money you need to win.
A Collector's Dream
Arms Dealer features more than 250 weapons to collect, with more than 40 ultra-rare prototypes and historical oddities. It will take dozens of hours and dozens of games to find all of them. And your personal collection carries over from game to game. In the game, you will also find a rich perk system of gameplay advantages awarded for various accomplishments. Each one gives you a valuable edge in your battle for success, and survival.

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